12 ink companies came to Taiwan to purchase green lighting equipment such as LED lighting in May

[High-tech LED News] The Mexican Solar Energy Association organized the "Mexican Green Energy Technology Purchasing Group", which will lead 12 local large-scale green energy companies in Mexico, and was invited to participate in the Taiwan Foreign Trade Association to hold a meeting at the Taipei World Trade Exhibition Hall 1 on May 25th. For a procurement conference, the products purchased include solar energy, wind power, LED lighting, electric vehicles, other energy-saving solutions and renewable energy technologies.

The Taiwan Trade Association said that Mexico has actively developed green energy emerging industries in recent years. At present, the country is studying the relevant subsidies for renewable energy power generation, and the local electricity price is at least 1.5 times that of Taiwan. Energy-saving products have an opportunity to enter the market. Mexico mainly purchases green energy equipment and products from the United States, but the origin is mostly from Taiwan and mainland China. Once it has established direct contact with Taiwanese businessmen, the business opportunity is very great.

At present, Taiwanese companies that have signed up for the competition include AU Optronics, Sunshine Power, Xuneng Optoelectronics, Luneng Technology, Luyi Technology, Zhiguang Energy, Yanjing Optoelectronics, Xinyuansheng Technology, etc., which are expected to handle more than 160. At the trade fair, some buyers revealed that the purchase amount had reached US$12 million.

It is reported that the Foreign Trade Association will specially arrange the group to visit Taiwan's solar energy manufacturers "Lianguang Solar Energy" and "Green Energy Technology".

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