2010 latest most cattle-class standard computer configuration WEI reached 7.9 points

The hardware of the computer is in the upgrade and refresh of the software, and the performance is gradually breaking the performance records. Recently, Microsoft released the current most-class God-class computer configuration. I believe that there will be a higher God-class computer in the near future. Let's meet, let's take a look at some of the minimum configuration requirements for the most current computer configuration.

With the development of computer hardware, Microsoft said that the Win3dows Experience Index (WEI) for high-profile Windows 7 computers can reach 7.9 points. The WEI tool can score the system by five functions: “processor, memory, graphics, game graphics, and main hard disk”, and evaluate the computer hardware based on the results.

Microsoft said: "As of July 2010, very few people have 7.9 points (WEI) computers. In the Windows Experience Index comparison site WEI Share, only a small percentage of users listed this score. But with the high deployment of computers gradually popularized This goal will become a reality."

The Microsoft Help and Support page currently publishes an article titled "Get the Most Windows Experience Index Points", which Microsoft hopes will help users reach the goal of WEI 7.9 points.

Machine god

The pursuit of Windows 7 WEI 7.9 points began in early January 2009, and Win7 just entered the testing phase.

Microsoft said at the time: "Microsoft project director Scott Hanselman tried to build a computer with a WEI score of 7.9. In order to build a supercomputer (which he called GOM), Hanselman purchased a 6-core processor, GTX 285 graphics card, and 12 GB of low-voltage memory. ."

The results showed that the Windows 7 computer only reached 7.8 points. Hanselman said: "It is entirely possible to reach 7.9 points, but this is not easy. Now, when some off-the-shelf hardware is getting faster and faster, you only need to equip the RAID array and then overclock. If you exceed 7.7, then you Just entered the ranks of the fastest computers."

Microsoft said users should configure high-performance computers according to the following standards:

  • Quad-core processors up to 4 GHz, or six-core processors;
• 1366 motherboard • 12 GB memory • GTX 285 graphics card • 256 GB solid state drive • 1000 watt power supply
At present, there is no detailed configuration list of the computer. I believe that with the advancement of computer hardware, it is believed that there will be many computer WEI scores of 7.9 or more in the near future.

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