35kv Porcelain Housed Surge Arrester

Model NO.: YH10W-10
National Standard: GB11032
Reliability: High
Trademark: YONG′DE
Transport Package: Carton
Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
HS Code: 853310000

Product About
6-35 KV Product's Characteristics:
The Core column applied winding structure, Polymer Housed core pillar molded on the core column,

with almost no internal air gap, and outstanding sealing performance
Simple in structure, small in size and light in weight
Polymer Housed with flexible silicone rubber, explosion-proof
ZnO varistor as the core component is large in flow capacity which is much higher than that of the

 national standard GB11032, and with high reliability.
With fully insulated tops, the product can be applied to the complete cabinet installation, which can

reduce the designing size of cabinet.
Products with detachment device can provide signals for quitting operation when failure occurs,

avoiding arrester explosion, and it is maintenance-free.
Polymer housed products with a six CTI level, creepage distance meets the requirements of IV

level in heavy pollution areas.

Product Packaging

35kv Porcelain Housed Surge Arrester


Product Process

35kv Porcelain Housed Surge Arrester



35kv Porcelain Housed Surge Arrester


Product Certificate

35kv Porcelain Housed Surge Arrester


Company Environment

35kv Porcelain Housed Surge Arrester35kv Porcelain Housed Surge Arrester


Our company bases itself upon high starting-point, high quality, high Level., carries out ISO9001 Quality Management System comprehensively, have established complete Quality Quarantee System. Our company have advanced Researching and Developing, Testing, Produce machines and also have a strong engineering technology team which establishe the steady foundation of guaranteeing the quality of our products. The products of composite insulator, fuse cutout, zinc oxide surge arrester and isolate switch are test eligible by Quality Inspection and Testing Centre of Electric Equipment Ministry of Electric Power, P. R. Of China, and China National Centre for Quality Supervision and Test of Insulators and Surge Arresters. 

And the products comform to international IEC61109, IEC60099-4, IEC600282-2, 291, 644, 787and national GB/T16927.1, GB/T8952 GB/T15166\15166.3 standards. Our products are widely sold domestic and abroad which export to South America, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc. 

Our company has complete sale, logistic, after-sales service and Consultation system. Link with honest and credit, quality is first, satisfying The requirement of cutomers is its own responsibility so as to make enterprise, society, workers harmoniously and uniformly. 




Led Grow Lights are relatively new to the cannabis growing scene,but they have become wildly popular over the last few years with their ability to produce great yields while staying cool and using a reasonable amount of electricity.

Choose LED Grow Lights if...

You want to use the most cutting-edge indoor cannabis grow lights with a customized spectrum of light 

You are willing to do some research to determine the best Led Grow Light for your space

You have some extra money to spend on your initial setup (some of the best LED grow lights are expensive!)

Quality (potency, smell, trichome development) is more important to you than yields/watt. 

You don't want to deal with an exhaust system or ducting,and would prefer to just hang your Grow Light over your cannabis plants and let the lights cool themselves

Deep penetration :Good lighting penetration,can penetrate to the deep of the plants
Modular Internal Build: Fully upgradable,easy warranties
Thermal Management:Custom copper core heatsinks quickly dissipates heat for cool operating temperatures
Powerful: 2nd Generation ultra penetration 5W LEDs light deep into the canopy
Versatile: Power cord available in 85~265V and international plugs
Lighter weight: Much lighter than the same products in the marketplace, safer for hanging .
Plants: Suitable for both vegetative phrase and flowering phrase

Product Images

LED Grow lights

LED Grow lights

LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights

The Plug you can choose

LED Grow Lights

    PAR Value of our 2000W LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights


Our professional full spectrum COB LED Grow Light are suitable for all the indoor plants and good for seeding, growth,flowering and fruiting stages of plants, increasing the harvest and Saving energy.  

Our Ageing Test

LED Grow Lights


LED Grow Lights


1.Do not use the lights in dripping water or anywhere where they will get wet, water and electricity can be a dangerous mixture

2. The working environment for the light is -20~40 degree celsius,45%RH~90%RH.

3. To protect the light, Plz cut off the power when there is a lightning strike.

4. Don`t touch or move when the light working.



1.Clean the dust inside every 6 months to ensure the good heat dissipation and long life time.

2.Don`t keep too short distance to the plant canopy to avert leaves bleaching.

3.Highly hang the lamp will weaken the energy and affect the growth cycle of the plants, so the lamp should not be hang  too high.

4.While taking care of the plants, please spray the leaves and branches 2-3 times everyday, to ensure the plants do not wrinkle a wither, and have no phenomenon of few fruit, and hard pericarp.

Philizon have over 6 years' experience in designing and manufacturing led grow lights and Led Aquarium Light. Persuiting to offer the best LED grow lights for plants growth,we cooperate with the scientific research institutes and the Academies of Agricultural Sciences in USA, Australia Canada, UK and so on.A great number of commercial plant growers test the lights, and their feedbacks show that this lamp owns a lot of 640nm,660nm and 740nm lights, which gives the plants enough nutrient in the flowering and fruiting phase and bring a far higher yield than other led grow lights in the market.

LED Grow Lights

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