A4 waist into a goddess standard LED companies how to "slimming"?

Recently, following the chest pen, the clavicle to put coins, the backhand touched the navel, A4 waist as a new generation of goddess standard, began to popular network. In just a few days, it has gained more than 92.2 million readings. Many netizens have also used this topic to rush out their own small waist. For a time, Weibo, WeChat and many other platforms have been screened by A4. As a nine-to-five office worker, Xiao Bian can only silently touch his little belly, secretly feeling "three months without thin waist, April is sad."

In contrast, the LED industry, many companies are also like a small series, due to blind expansion or product line shop is too long and bloated, so that it is difficult, and even worse, it ended in closure.

In late July 2015, the collapse of Zhongxiang Innovation and Light Energy Technology is a typical example worthy of our deep thought. It is understood that the direct cause of the failure of Zhongxiang Innovation and Guangneng Technology is almost entirely because of blindly expanding production orders without considering its own funds, technology, scale, experience, etc., resulting in the collapse of the capital chain and the closure.

Therefore, what we are discussing today is how to make LED companies thin into a "lightning" before this summer.

The industry believes that for small and medium-sized enterprises, especially manufacturing enterprises, once the scale is to be expanded, the operational investment will inevitably increase accordingly. If the investment increases and the market shrinks, it will bring great risks. Therefore, in the context of industries with overcapacity, product homogeneity, and price wars, SMEs must have forward-thinking thinking, and they should be able to fight against blind expansion. Secondly, we must deepen the subdivision of the field and make the products more precise. When a company has a problem, it must be "slimmed down" in time.

As the saying goes, "the boat is a good turn," Xiaobian believes that the merger, integration, reshuffle, and cross-border of the current LED industry have continued, and the superior resources are further concentrated in the industry. The industry is gradually showing "the big one" In the situation, pluralism is like adding, winning is to reduce risk; while focusing is intended to be subtractive, and it is intensive. For small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have scale advantages, technological advantages, and capital advantages, Jinggen is the only way to make the "Red Sea" into a "deep sea."

Therefore, small and medium-sized enterprises must first avoid the "big and complete" trap, avoid blindly pursuing large and comprehensive biased ideas, and accumulate strength to support products with outstanding advantages and play a key role. As long as you firmly control this distinctive product, you can grasp the core competitive advantages of the entire industry chain. For other related products in the industrial chain, it is possible to integrate external superior resources through cooperation, and to create a strong cooperation with the enemy in order to achieve a win-win situation in the industry.

Secondly, find out its own positioning and focus on market segmentation. Enterprises must understand what they can do, what they can't do, give themselves a clear positioning, abandon those greedy but unrealistic ideas, rationally develop, concentrate limited resources and energy, and stick to a certain market segment. Make every effort to become a leader in this field.

In addition, in the current economic situation that is already optimistic, it is also wise to cut down the burden and seek survival by “cutting the subtraction” in the current economic situation that is not optimistic. practice.

Obviously, there are many ways to "slim down", but they are inseparable from "fine" and "special". 2016 is the first year of the 13th Five-Year Plan, and it is also the year of supply-side reform. In the past two national conferences, “de-capacity, destocking, deleveraging, and restructuring” were pushed to the forefront by representatives and committee members. The LED industry as one of the fierce industries with overcapacity at present, small and medium-sized enterprises should be fully Considering its own advantages and shortcomings, it will return to seeking truth from facts, avoiding the catastrophe caused by the unilateral pursuit of large and complete, but also transforming and upgrading and eliminating backward production capacity.

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