Accelerate the layout of the mainland LED market Xuming Optoelectronics double brand strategy to seize the market

[High- tech LED reporter / Yue Mengdi] As the LED industry accelerates into the golden period of development, Taiwan LED manufacturers have recently accelerated the pace of their entry into the mainland market.

On the afternoon of July 10th, Taiwan Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Taiwan Semiconductor”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xuming Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., held a full-scale product release and national agent conference at the Westin Shenzhen Yitian Hotel.

“After last year’s new round of adjustments to the business structure and product strategy, Xuming Optoelectronics recently acquired Taiwan’s semiconductor lighting. The two sides complement each other in various aspects such as UV LED, commercial lighting and automotive LED lighting to further accelerate the layout of the mainland. LED market." Wu Jiaxiang, general manager of Xuming Optoelectronics Business Marketing Department, told the "High-tech LED" reporter that the two sides have already launched two brands, Taiwan Semiconductor Lighting and Xuming Optoelectronics.

At this agent conference, Xuming Optoelectronics released three categories of products for lighting 3535, 5050, 2000 series, UV applications (380-420nm) and UV applications (360-380nm). At the conference, Taiwan Semiconductor released 5050-MCE, 6363-MCE and 5060-MCE packaged devices for stage lighting, entertainment lighting, architectural lighting and indoor lighting.

It is understood that in order to lay out the mainland market, in September 2011, Xuming Optoelectronics set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Shenzhen, Xuhe Photoelectric Co., Ltd., to specialize in the sales of packaged devices in the mainland. After the acquisition of Taiwan Semiconductor, Shenzhen Xuhe Optoelectronics will become the sole channel for the promotion and sales of two brands in the mainland.

In recent years, the use of UV LEDs in the global market is accelerating, and UV LEDs have been used in many fields including medical, cosmetic, anti-counterfeiting, air purification and agricultural applications. Xuming Optoelectronics will vigorously promote high-power UV (violet) Led Lamp beads in the future. It is understood that Xuming Optoelectronics' UV LED products have an advantage in the 380-420nm wavelength stage, and now extend to the 360-380nm wavelength stage. The production of UV LED has certain technical thresholds. The lower the wavelength, the more difficult it is to produce, but its gross profit is higher than that of general illumination.

Wu Jiaxiang said that since the first half of this year, the tide of mergers and acquisitions in the packaging industry in the mainland and Taiwan has started, and the packaging market in Taiwan will undergo major changes. “Xuming Optoelectronics has several acquisition targets in Taiwan, and if the negotiations are successful, the production capacity of Xuming Optoelectronics will be further expanded.”

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