Accumulated fourth quarter revenue is expected to be 10% lower than the third quarter

Affected by price competition, the LED driver factory accumulated in 2009 (3527) gross profit margin fell all the way, but in the fourth quarter, the proportion of shipments to China fell, gross profit margins rose, and the performance in the fourth quarter is not bad, October and November two The monthly revenue decline was not large. The legal person expects to accumulate the fourth quarter gross margin will end the continuous decline, and began to rebound. It is estimated that the December revenue will be maintained at a level of NT$100 million. It is estimated that the fourth quarter revenue is expected to be within 10% of the third quarter.

Accumulated third-quarter revenue of 371 million yuan, a quarterly increase of 25.3%, breaking the quarterly new high, single-quarter gross profit margin of 36.7%, gross profit margin fell by 40.2% compared with the second quarter, after-tax surplus of 55 million yuan, quarterly increase of 71.87%, EPS It is 1.76 yuan. The accumulation of gross profit margin in the third quarter is mainly due to the maturing of the LED display driver market. The decline in ASP and the increase in shipments to China have increased. The accumulation emphasizes that the proportion of shipments to China in the fourth quarter will decline and the gross profit margin will be terminated continuously. The downturn.

In the fourth quarter, six new IC products will be launched, and with the introduction of 11 ICs in the first three quarters, a total of 17 new IC products will be launched in 2009, half of which are non-display products, including LED lighting and LED backlight applications, it is expected that non-display products will become the main growth momentum of accumulation in 2010.
Related stock price 2009/12/31 - 10:32 Accumulation TWD 150.00 (-0.99)

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