After the Tencent announced the agency, the price of plug-in prices plummeted

[PConline Information] One of the biggest players who saved the Internet cafes and DIY hardware this year is our chicken game "Jedi to survive the Great Escape." The fiery level has continued for more than half a year, and is still rising steadily, and even has a Big piles of mobile games mimicking their patterns have mushroomed. But what we are talking about today is its plug-in. As long as there are competitive factors in the game, it is very easy to create something like a “plug-in”, especially the game “Battle Royale” which was developed based on completely open-source code. Perspective Sprinting This is the sprint Perspective + automatic aiming There are also a series of things like rubber fruit, blood clotting, flying into the air, sucking airdrops and anything like that. There is no way to take screenshots. Anyway, only you can't think of it. Without him... Since Tencent announced the agency two days ago, the price of chicken plugged plummeted. As a result, almost 30% of the people in the first round of the game have started to hang. (Before this, because the price of the plug-in is relatively high, in the first round, several people use it. Plug-in). It can be seen that plug-in developers have already felt the deterrence of Tencent. After all, such a good fire game, such a good money tree, if it is destroyed on the plug-in, Tencent can lose money. As the strongest game company in China, Tencent If you really want to crack down on plug-ins, it is also a matter of minutes. So, hate the plug-in chicken players, wait for Tencent to solve this problem.