Announcement of extension of tender for office equipment (including LED tri-color display)

Title: Office equipment (including LED tri-color display) Project tender extension announcement Tender No.: JLZC2009-0156 Announcement date: May 21, 2009 Deadline: June 9, 2009 Tendering agency: Province: Jilin Province - Changchun City Contents: 1. Content of the tender:

1. The requirements and requirements for the goods in Chapter 5 of the original bidding documents are now changed to:

Serial number: 103

Purchasing project name: three-color LED display

Detailed configuration: 1.6mx5m=8m

Unit of measure: item

Quantity: 1 item

Serial number: 104

Purchasing project name: three-color LED display

Detailed configuration: 1.25mx8.3m=10.38m

Unit of measure: item

Quantity: 1 item

2. The other contents of the bidding documents remain unchanged.

Second, the bidder qualification requirements:

1. The content of the bidder's qualification requirements changes:

If the goods provided by the bidder are not made by the bidder, the manufacturer shall be provided with a formal authorization to provide the goods, including the distributor, distributor, and agent certificate issued by the manufacturer, but not the manufacturer's distribution. Authorization issued by merchants, distributors, and agents. If it is a power of attorney issued by the manufacturer's branch office (office), it shall also provide the certificate issued by the manufacturer, which shall be able to prove that the branch office (office) has legal affiliation with the manufacturer and has The power to issue a power of attorney. (The equipment that needs to provide the authorization for this project can see the specific cargo demand)

2. Other requirements regarding the qualifications of bidders remain unchanged.

3. The time for accepting the bid, the deadline for bid submission and the time for opening the bid after the extension:

1. Acceptance of bidding time: June 9th, 2009, from 10:30 to 11:00 am.

2. Deadline for bid submission (opening time): 11:00 am on June 9, 2009.

Late delivery or non-compliant bid documents will not be accepted. Company Name: Jilin Provincial Government Procurement Center Contact: Xu?瘴? Tel: 0431-86767323 E-mail: Fax: 0431-86767313 Postal Code: 130051 Address:

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