Ant State Smart Home Wireless Router A5 Routing When Cloud Disk

With the rapid development of Wi-Fi technology, more and more smart devices supporting interconnection and interoperability have emerged. Various networking devices represented by smart phones, tablet computers, and smart home products have also emerged rapidly. This is not just for Wi-Fi in the home. The network has brought a lot of challenges and put forward higher requirements for wireless routers that support the role of the "home network hub." Recently, the author started with the high-value ant A5 smart home wireless router, following us to experience this new router.

External hard disk can be turned into an intelligent route that can remotely access files

Ants smart home wireless router A5 first attracted me is its positioning, the manufacturers will be positioned as "remote access to intelligent routing." Because of the closure of the network cloud disk, it is not very convenient to access the data. It just solved this problem.

Ant State smart home wireless router A5 added a USB interface, you can external u disk or hard disk, users can achieve data upload and read through QQ, file types, including pictures, video, office office documents, to meet the network Cloud disk requirements. The operation is simple and convenient, only need to connect the router's network, access the hard disk, login QQ binding device, this time the hard disk is equivalent to a user's QQ friends, upload interface and peace of chat dialog box similar. After the binding is complete, it supports uploading and reading files on the hard disk under any network environment. For example, in the office, it is found that the data is still in the hard disk of the home, and the file of the hard disk in the home can be read by QQ. Because the hard disk is its own, free and private is guaranteed.

In addition, the first user to bind the device can share the hard disk with other QQ friends. After other QQ friends are shared, you can also upload and read hard disk files. If there is only one hard disk, but several people want to use it, this is better.

Simple appearance, flowing gold elegant, four antenna design

Simple and beautiful packaging, built-in router and power cord. Listed on the box is a remote memory, eight-pin network interface, flood control network, equipment speed, a key speed, remote management, health mode, traditional router features and other features. Ps, that is, the package is tight, it is difficult to extract the box containing the router, it is recommended to improve it.

In the aspect of design, it can be seen that the manufacturer is still very troublesome. The golden appearance is very beautiful at home. With four 5DIB gain antenna designs, the antenna can also be folded for easy storage. The heat dissipation at the bottom of the router is long and the heat dissipation is very good.

The back interface, from left to right, is the power socket, reset reset hole, a 10/100M adaptive WAN port, two 10/100M adaptive LAN ports, and USB 2.0 interface.

Faster and more stable signal coverage

In addition to the four-antenna design, this routing also uses an eight-pin network interface to make signal coverage more stable and wider.

Use the experience to install more convenient and faster

Compared to previously used routers, this router is simpler to connect and configure in just three steps: install the router, connect the router, and set up the router. First connect the power, connect the network cable, then need to connect to the routing wifi, enter the setup page to fill in the broadband account password on it.

In addition, setting the system interface can check the route status, the route status can see the basic information of the current router, the real-time network status, the network connection status of each terminal device connected to the route, you can also see the CPU of the router, Memory usage status.

Ali smart app remote management route

It uses the Ali smart app remote management, support iOS and Android, simple and easy to understand.

After connecting the A5 wifi, open the client, the system will automatically detect the router to remind the user to bind, or very close. The App interface is divided into three pages: connection device, baby plan, and tool box.

In the tool box, you can see the router settings, Ali security, signal strength adjustment, guest network, network optimization, flood prevention network, equipment speed, health mode, and exclusive network. For example, if you forget the router management password, you can use the app to restore the factory settings. You can also adjust the network signal strength through the app.

It is worth mentioning here that the flood prevention network function is very useful. If there are unfamiliar devices that go online to remind them that they are not their own home devices, they can choose to blacklist the devices and prevent others from surfing the Internet.

When you come to your home, you can open the guest network and set up a network route for visitors to prevent the password from leaking.

In the health mode, you can set the wifi switch at regular intervals. When you sleep at night, turn off the wifi and the radiation is smaller. For me this worm, it is still more practical.

Baby plan, I tried it, you can add your child's mobile phone equipment, manage children's Internet access, shield bad app or website, you can also set up children to do tasks to increase the length of the Internet. At the same time, it will not affect adults' access to the Internet. This feature is very practical for families with Internet access.

Evaluation summary: a good choice for home smart routing

This ant-bang A5 smart home wireless router is a leader in hundred-way routing from appearance to function, especially the remote access to files, and the newly designed four high-gain antenna to ensure the wireless signal quality, stability It has also been improved. In the actual use of the author, in a 120-square-meter house, all corners of the house can guarantee a full wireless signal, and the speed of the Internet can basically reach 90% of the broadband theoretical speed of the operator (China Unicom 20M broadband is Example) Two computers at home, two mobile phones, and one ipad are used at the same time. They are not stuck and the experience is satisfactory. In general, Ant State A5 Smart Home Router is a pretty good choice for home smart routers.

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