Apple earphone EarPods new patent: improve noise reduction

According to the US technology website AppleInsider, Apple has recently passed a number of patent applications, one of which can be used to improve the design of existing EarPods headphones for iOS devices. The new patent describes an in-ear headphones with a built-in microphone. The headset will recognize the user's voice, activate multiple onboard microphones, turn on the noise cancellation system, and direct the beamforming microphone to the user's head. Apple's new EarPods patent is called "System and Method for Detecting User Voice Activity Using Acceleration Sensors" ".
Apple earphone EarPods new patent: improve noise reduction
This enhanced headset is equipped with a variety of onboard sensors, including an accelerometer and two microphones. These sensors work in conjunction with the microphone matrix on the headphone cable to form a more advanced noise reduction system than the current EarPods.
Apple earphone EarPods new patent: improve noise reduction
This advanced design uses a so-called beamforming microphone that redirects the source of the user's voice (such as the head) once voice activity is detected. This enhanced EarPods noise reduction system first calls the acceleration sensor. The sensor is used as a voice activity monitor to identify the vibration generated by the user. The vibration generated by the user's tissue and bone can be acquired by the acceleration sensor. The front and rear microphones on the earphone also collect signals and data obtained by the acceleration sensor. Determine the state of the user together. After the collected voice data is processed by the noise reduction circuit, the noise in the background can be eliminated by effective beamforming technology.
Finally, Apple also describes the possibility of adding noise-reducing elements in the patent document to filter the background sound and make it easier to capture the user's voice, thus enhancing the effectiveness of this new technology.
Apple earphone EarPods new patent: improve noise reduction
In general, raising the sound quality of the headphones with a built-in microphone is a big goal, because many people now use headphones to answer the phone instead of picking up the phone to the ear as before. Apple last time on the headset. Redesigned and finally launched the new generation of earphone products EarPods, which further enhances the experience of the headset users, but the headset products still have room for further improvement, and the built-in advanced microphone system is clearly a good start. It is understood that the current MacBook Similar beamforming microphone technology is used, and EarPods headphones are also capable of supporting this technology.

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