April revenue announced that Jingdian, the new century Q2 revenue increased by 15%

The LED factory's April revenue was announced. The wafer factory's crystal power and new century's rebound rate was better than that of the packaging factory. The revenue in April reached a record high of 7-8 months. The packaging plant grew slightly, due to the higher demand for TV backlight. Weak, but the progress of lighting pull goods is better than TV backlight, LED factory set the second season temperature and growth.

In the new century, the monthly growth rate of revenue in the new century reached 9.19~16.38%, which set a new record since July-August last year. The revenue increase was widened and the response was strong. However, Jingdian said that this year's TV backlight demand is slightly slow, April lighting customers pull goods better than TV backlight, May looks like orders are good, but the actual revenue depends on the production situation, the second quarter operation is still growing trend go.

In the second quarter of last year, Jingdian's revenue reached 8.126 billion yuan (NTD, the same below), a 30% increase in the quarter, writing a record high in history. Jingdian said frankly that there is still a peak season effect in the second quarter of this year, but customers are less worried about last year. The crazy pull of out of stock, and the overbooking of the rest of the year in the second half of last year, this year's preparation is relatively cautious, the second quarter is expected to be moderate growth.

In the new century, it benefited from the return of the chipping orders. The revenue in April reached 311 million yuan, with a monthly growth rate of 16.38%, setting a new high level since August last year. The new century said that the Korean brand factory changed its cover on the TV backlight. The crystal package and the flip chip package have expanded the permeability of the medium and high power products. In the second quarter, the crystallized orders were obviously reflowed, and the rate of recovery in this season rose to over 80%.

The legal person estimates that the wafer factory's second quarter revenue can challenge 2-digit growth, with growth ranging from 10 to 15%.

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