Are you afraid of language problems overseas? Japan pushes medical speech translation system

If you suddenly need to hang up an emergency when traveling abroad, language barriers become a big problem. Although it is possible to rely on translation or communication through gestures, it is not allowed to “misunderstand” in the rigorous field of medicine.

As overseas medical visits become more and more common, the National Institute of Information and Communication Research (NICT) of Japan recently launched a multilingual medical speech translation system with Fujitsu and stated that it has entered the experimental stage of application. NICT has enriched medical terminology in the existing multilingual voice translation software "VoiceTra", and added a medical dialogue model to perfect it, achieving an "upgraded" system for speech recognition and machine translation.

As early as October last year, the University of Tokyo will be tested with NICT multilingual translation, and midway participation Fujitsu is optimized technical standards system, and to conduct foreign patients and medical staff survey application.

According to the introduction, the system can accurately identify the user's voice in environments with strong circumstantial vocal noise and large noise, and can also automatically recognize the type of the starting language. In addition, the device can also automatically switch between two languages, saving the tedium of repeated switching.

At present, application testing is underway and plans to test the effectiveness of the translation system through actual operations, collect more data patterns, and further optimize the system.

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