Beijing Establishes OLED Intellectual Property Alliance

Recently, the 5th China Patent Week Alliance organized by the Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office will be held in the Jade Palace Hotel. The “OLED Intellectual Property Alliance” was formally announced. Representatives of Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office, Beijing Economic and Trade Commission and Zhongguancun Administrative Committee, State Intellectual Property Office, Beijing OLED Industry Intellectual Property Alliance, Beijing Intelligent Terminal Industry Intellectual Property Alliance and Beijing Audio & Video Industry Intellectual Property Alliance and related personnel To attend a meeting.

The theme of the event was "Focus on Intellectual Property Alliance and Promoting Industrial Collaborative Development". The activities were divided into two sessions. The first half was the opening ceremony of the OLED Intellectual Property Alliance, the signing of the intellectual property rights alliance alliance protection declaration for the smart terminal industry, and the effectiveness of the intellectual property and video industry IP Alliance. The second half was a special seminar of the Industrial Intellectual Property Alliance. The OLED Alliance, the Smart Terminal Alliance and the Audio Video Alliance introduced the patent dynamics of the OLED industry, the patent dynamics of the intelligent terminal industry, and the Patriots v. Toshiba patent infringement case.

At present, the overall OLED market has matured and the industrial demand is clear. It is expected that the global market share will exceed 10 billion U.S. dollars in the next few years, and the pressure for intellectual property competition will gradually increase. In this regard, the Municipal Intellectual Property Office has guided the above-mentioned enterprises, scientific research institutes and universities to establish intellectual property alliances, which will greatly promote the exchange of industrial upstream and downstream enterprises and the cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes, and foreign groups will be able to resist foreign intellectual property lawsuits and reduce industrial intellectual property risks and patents. Licensing Negotiation Expenses; Implementing technology R&D on in-house partners to enhance the core competitiveness of the industry.

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