Beijing Wanjia Light Decoration City: LED lighting will become the main sales force

With the continuous development of China's low-carbon environmental protection cause, LED lighting has also embarked on the road of close to the people. "When the old Wang Xietang was in front of Yan, he flew into the homes of ordinary people." Recently, the author visited the world of lamps and lanterns in Beijing Wanjia Lighting Decoration City and found Under the promotion of manufacturers and the promotion of green environmental protection, LED lighting has entered the lighting city store, and will become the main force of sales, bringing green lighting to consumers.

Wanjia Lighting and Lighting City has gathered nearly 100 well-known lighting brands represented by NVC, Langeng, Liangdi, Philips, Panasonic, Weston Buddha, etc. The various lamps and lanterns in the market are full of variety and brilliance. Beautiful. It can be seen that many brands in the lighting city attach great importance to the application of LED lighting products in the home, and they have done a good job in propaganda.

Different from the past, the LED lights in the city have been everywhere, and the incandescent lights have faded out of the consumer's sight. Although there are publicity of the business, but because of the higher price of LED lights, there are still consumers who favor energy-saving lamps.

Founded in 1997, Beijing Wanjia Light Decoration City covers an area of ​​90,000 square meters. It is a collection of lamps, building materials, homes, curtain fabrics and other home accessories. It has hundreds of well-known brands and hundreds of merchants. Comprehensive home store. In order to fully meet the needs of consumers to purchase lighting fixtures, after careful planning and market layout adjustment, in early 2006, the Wanjia Lighting Store with a business area of ​​nearly 10,000 square meters was grandly opened, providing a good place for people to choose lighting fixtures.

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