BYD cloud track to the sea! Will build the first "air subway" in Africa

On August 31 this year, “BYD Cloud Commercial Service Opening Ceremony” was held in Yinchuan, Ningxia. The 5.67 km tourist route of BYD “Cloud Track” Huabo Garden was announced to officially carry passengers on September 1. This is also the The world's first commercial operation project. On October 21, local time, Alexandria, the largest port city in Egypt, signed a cloud cooperation agreement with BYD. Egypt is an important hub along the “Belt and Road” route. Following the Philippines, it became the second country to sign BYD’s overseas cloud cooperation agreement. The cloud track will also become the first straddle monorail on the entire African continent. It is understood that the total number of miles planned for this cloud track project is 128 kilometers. At the event, Khaled Eleiwa, chairman of the Transport Authority of Alexandria City, said: “BYD enjoys a good reputation in Egypt and is a very reliable partner. It is a great pleasure to cooperate with BYD and is very much looking forward to the opening and opening of the cloud as soon as possible.” Alexandria is a historical and cultural city and a famous tourist destination in the world. However, the traffic structure of the city is single, and daily commuting is not limited to ground transportation. There is no ground or underground. Congestion can be imagined. As early as in 2013, the local government had realized that traffic jams hindered the economic development of the city and began to plan the construction of rail transit. During this period, many rail transit solution providers were contacted, including large multinational giants, but there has been no progress. . In April this year, the local government came into contact with the BYD cloud track and decided to sign an agreement in just a few months. The cloud track belongs to the rail transportation of medium and small capacity, the construction cost is only 1/5 of the subway; the construction period is only 1/3 of the subway; the terrain adaptability is strong; the noise is small, there is an independent right; the landscape is good; the maximum speed is up to 80km /h, can be widely used in the first and second-tier cities of the transport lines, encryption lines, the main line of traffic in the third and fourth tier cities, as well as tourist attractions and other tourist attractions. “BYD has 13 years of local manufacturing experience in Egypt. Our passenger cars were produced and sold in Egypt very early and are very popular in the region. One third of taxis in Cairo are BYD brands. Brand recognition, products The advantages of reliability, local manufacturing experience, etc. are also important factors that contribute to this cooperation in the cloud,” said Huang Zhixue, general manager of BYD's Middle East Africa Automotive Sales Division. The BYD cloud track was released in October last year. It was officially opened and opened to traffic in Yinchuan City in just one year, and it has achieved operational performance of “zero security failures, zero passenger complaints”. In addition, the cloud track has been investigated by leaders of more than 100 cities around the world, and has reached strategic cooperation with cities such as Yinchuan, Guilin, Shantou, Guang'an, and Handan. Next year, it is estimated that the number of cities building a cloud will increase to 20.