Cable tray selection and installation

First, the scope of application:
XQJ series cable bridges are suitable for power cables with voltages up to 10 kV. And control cable, lighting wiring and other indoor and outdoor overhead cable trenches, tunnels laying.

Second, the results of the characteristics and installation:
XQJ series cable trays have the characteristics of complete varieties, wide application, high strength, light structure, low cost, simple construction, flexible wiring, standard installation, and beautiful appearance. They bring convenience to your technical improvement, expansion cables, and maintenance. .
The installation of XQJ series cable trays can be adapted to local conditions. It can be laid overhead with the process pipe; under the floor beam lifting; on the side of the indoor and outdoor walls, columns, tunnels, and cable trenches, it can also be installed on the open-air column or pier, when lifting or erecting a large multi-layer bridge As far as possible, the use of I-beam posts on both sides of symmetrical installation.
The XQJ series cable bridge can be laid horizontally and vertically; it can be turned in corners and T-shaped branches; it can be adjusted in width, height and side diameter.

Third, the cable arrangement on the cable tray:
1. The level of the cable trays should be the weak current control cable at the top, followed by the general control cable, low voltage power cable, and high voltage power cable. This arrangement facilitates shielded interference, power cable cooling, and ease of construction.
2. The distance between the layers of cable trays in each layer is:
Control cable ≥200mm
Power cable ≥300mm
Mechanized laying cable ≥400mm

Fourth, cable tray size selection and calculation:
The total calculation of the load G of the cable tray:
G total = n1q1+n2q2+n3q3+...
Where: q1, q2, q3, ... for each unit of cable length weight (kg/m)
N1, n2, n3... The number G of the corresponding cable shall be less than the allowable load of the cable tray. When the cable tray is outside or covered, the factors such as water load and wind load shall also be taken into account.
Calculation of cable tray width b:
1, power cable:
Where: d1, d2, d3, ... for each cable directly n1, n2, n3, ... for the number of the corresponding cable k1, k2, k3, ... for the cable spacing (k value should not be less than d / 4 )
2. Calculate the bridge width b of the control cable: (The filling rate of the general cable tray is about 40%)
The total load area of ​​the cable: S = n1 Л (
Required bracket cross-sectional area:
Where: h is the height of the cable bridge

V. Precautions:
1. The maximum load and supporting distance of XOJ cable bridge equipment shall be less than the allowable load and supporting span.
2. When selecting the width of the cable tray, there should be a certain spare space for adding cables in the future.
3. When the power cables and control cables are few, they can be installed on the same cable tray, but in the middle, the power cables and control cables must be separated and installed with partitions.
4. When the cable tray is laid horizontally, the connection between the bridges should be set at about 1/4 of the span. The horizontal cables are fixed every 2 meters or so, and the vertically oriented cables are fixed every 1.5 meters.
5, cable bridge device should have a reliable grounding. If the bridge is used as a grounding trunk, the ends of each bridge should be connected (in parallel) with a 16mm2 soft copper wire to communicate with the main grounding mains. Long-distance cable bridges should be grounded every 30-50 meters.
6. In addition to shielding the protective cover, the cable bridge device should be installed on the top of the cable bridge to prevent sunlight and rain. For welding installations, the thickness of the weld around the weldment must not be less than the thickness of the base metal. The weld must be treated with corrosion protection.

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