China's high-tech industry output exceeded 10 trillion yuan

At the national conference on high-tech development and industrialization held in Wuhan, Cao Jianlin, vice minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology pointed out that at present, China is facing a new situation and new challenges of “adjusting the structure, changing the mode”, and the scientific and technological work is in a rare strategic opportunity period. We must accurately grasp the new situation facing the development of high-tech industries and make new progress in promoting the development of new and high technologies and industrialization.

Cao Jianlin first fully affirmed the achievements made in the country's high-tech development and industrialization work. He pointed out that it is necessary to accurately grasp the four new situations faced by the development of high-tech industries: First, the role and importance of scientific and technological innovation are unprecedented; second, the high-tech industry is facing a revolutionary breakthrough, and new opportunities are emerging in industrial development; and third, the development of new and high technologies. It is an inevitable choice to change the mode of development. Fourth, the need for science and technology is more urgent for cultural development and prosperity. It is hoped that all comrades in Gaoxinkou will earnestly study and convey the relevant documents of the Central and State Council on deepening the reform of the science and technology system, profoundly understand the overall thinking of the reform, increase understanding of the promotion of the reform of the science and technology system, and promote new and high-tech development and industrialization work in an all-round way. progress.

According to the introduction of Zhao Yuhai, Director of the High-tech Division of the Ministry of Science and Technology, in 2011 the total industrial output value of the country's high-tech industries exceeded 10 trillion yuan, and the industrial added value accounted for 12.4 percent of the added value of the second industry in the country during the same period, setting a record high. In 2011, a total of 59,600 high-tech enterprises were submitted to statistics in 88 high-tech zones across the country, achieving a total operating income of 1,139.5 billion yuan, an industrial output value of 1,049.31 billion yuan, an industrial added value of 2,7443.2 billion yuan, a net profit of 777.2 billion yuan, and a tax amount of 6613. 100 million yuan.

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