China Tongshui Cable Training

Recently, China Tongshao Tianshui Cable Co., Ltd. used four afternoons to focus on the practice training of production supervisors of manufacturing companies for more than 40 people, including factory managers, functional personnel, foremen, and production and production department managers of the company's branches. "Training.

This time, the company held the purpose of practical training for manufacturing executives of manufacturing companies, mainly to improve production management standards, cultivate and improve scientific management awareness, create a harmonious working atmosphere, and establish an effective and efficient management and production team. Effective Improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, strengthen safety and quality management awareness, identify safety and quality risks in a timely manner, eliminate safety and quality accidents, and further improve the company's overall competitiveness.

The training is mainly conducted in the form of playing video data. When speaking in a mobilization speech at the training class, the company’s general manager emphasized that manufacturing is undoubtedly the main form of production activity of our manufacturing companies. How to make this activity more standardized and scientific, production managers must be clear about themselves. Its main responsibilities are to assume the important task of coordinating management, learn from the knowledge of the composition of the first-class scene and the functions of management, etc., and consciously make its own positive contributions to the modernization of production management.

Through training, the enthusiasm of the company's production managers to compete as first-rate production managers was stimulated, especially for the first-line production supervisors who worked in the multitude of tasks in accordance with the “Human, Machinery and Environment Law” (ie, personnel, machinery, items, Environment, methods) Implementing scientific management We taught the "genuine scriptures" and clarified our thinking.

At the end of the training, the company actually organized relevant management personnel to find out loopholes and problems in the company's production management by combining production management, formulate and revise and perfect the company’s production management objectives and implementation plans, and improve the production management level and improve the company by effectively implementing the production management implementation plan. The purpose of the benefit.

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