Crack the "black hole effect" and "flicker effect" How to design tunnel lighting? (with video)

Tunnel lighting is one of the most common applications in outdoor lighting. It must be improved during the day or night, and the main problem is not generated in nighttime lighting, but in the daytime.

In daylight daylight, the brightness inside and outside the tunnel varies greatly, especially in long tunnels. The lighting system should provide a reasonable level of brightness, to solve the visual adaptation of the driver from the bright environment into the dark environment, and then return to the bright environment from the dark environment. problem.

Therefore, the purpose of lighting is to ensure that when the vehicle approaches, passes through and leaves the tunnel at a certain speed, the safety and comfort felt during driving should be no less than the feeling of driving on the open road connected to the tunnel. .

Second, we also need to understand the two main phenomena that appear in the two tunnel lighting:

Black hole effect

That is, at the entrance of the tunnel or in the tunnel, the illumination brightness is too low, and there is not enough adaptation time, so that the tunnel seen by the driver when approaching the tunnel under high brightness outdoors is like a "black hole".

Recently, the “Lightway Environment and Coping Technology Research of Mountain Expressway Tunnels” led by Guizhou Expressway Group not only solved this problem, but also obtained national invention patents. At the same time, the energy-saving benefits of this technology are also obvious.


Normally, the driver drives into the tunnel, which creates a black hole effect on the left side of the picture. The picture on the right does not have this situation. This is the Panling Tunnel on the Sanping-Liping Expressway. It is the two probes and their control systems at the tunnel entrance that break the "black hole effect".


The two cameras collect color temperature data from the outside for one day, and the other is the intensity data for collecting light on the ground. Combine these two data into our control system and issue commands through the control system. Adjust the color temperature and intensity of the lamps in the tunnel to the outside.

The tunnel light that is automatically adjusted by this system will be consistent with the outside light. It is the brightest white at noon, and the warm warm yellow in the morning and evening. ——Zhongnan Transportation Technology Co., Ltd.


After entering the tunnel, it is clear at a glance. When the other tunnels enter, there will be a blackout of a few tenths of a second. ——Driver Li Zhixiang

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