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Tan Guohong, Deputy Director of Nanhai District Economic and Trade Bureau

Luocun is China's electric light source production base, occupying an important position in the Pearl River Delta. Choosing to hold this meeting in Luo Village can find problems at the source, and then gather wisdom to avoid risks and create new heights.

When I saw the draft of “Group Supply”, my first impression was: This is a perfect and practical solution to challenge traditional channels, direct terminals, cut intermediate links and save transaction costs, and introduce third-party guarantee mechanisms. Easy to promote channel platform. Therefore, the relevant leaders of the Economic and Trade Bureau immediately took the case to support the promotion of this sales platform in Foshan.

First of all, "Guzhen Lighting" is the most authoritative industry mainstream media in the industry. The correct public opinion orientation and the active promotion of a healthy industry environment are particularly important in the current situation.

Secondly, the group buys and sells in such a background, it can be said that the lighting industry has injected a fresh blood, which will accelerate the healthy development of the industry.

Finally, the most important thing is that the company's capital chain can't be broken, employees can't be lost, and customers' orders must be guaranteed to be completed on time. It is necessary to clearly understand the principle of “growing in winter and harvesting in spring”. In the case of enterprises experiencing a large environmental unsatisfactory situation, it is necessary to strengthen independent innovation.

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