Cree 160lm white light high power LED turned out

brief introduction:

On October 9, 2006, leading LED manufacturer Cree announced a new benchmark for brightness and efficiency of its XLamp® 7090 series of books: 700 lm at 700 mA, 80 lm at 350 mA, 70 lm/W, maximum luminous flux Up to 95lm. XLamp® 7090 achieves the highest peak of the current 350mA class.

As the first LEDs based on the EZBright 1000 chip, the XLamp® 7090 is suitable for a wide range of consumer electronics applications (such as flash) in addition to general lighting applications such as street lights, retail high hanging lights, and garage low hanging lights.

Cree says it sets a new level of performance for LEDs, and LEDs are approaching the highest efficiency of fluorescent tubes. As the company continues to improve its brightness and efficiency, LED will provide a cost-effective new solution for all lighting applications.

Cree, one of the founding members of NGLIA (Next Generation Lighting Industry Alliance), received the US Department of Energy through participation in the EERE (US Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Agency) Building Technology Program and NIST (National Bureau of Standards and Technology) advanced technology program. (DOE) grant funding. The DOE expressed great satisfaction with Cree's achievements. In addition to highlighting the need for the highest quality, cost-effective energy-saving technologies in the United States, DOE also claims to continue to work with Cree and other lighting industry partners to drive the conversion of energy-efficient technologies into commercially viable energy-efficient products.

Electronic wristband concept
Electronic positioning strap tamper using GPS / Beidou positioning and GSM networks combined with real-time data transmission and positioning and strap tamper. The product is easy to use, high regulatory efficiency, low maintenance costs, and salient features of the human safety, health, electromagnetic radiation pollution, the use of more security. Each device has its own identification IMEI number, a single data upload the background, to complete the automatic identification of personnel, tracking, legal status and other DND automatic investigation. It can be applied to attendance probation officer trajectory tracking, automatic access control, message notification, especially in security issues have become increasingly prominent today, security management and real-time tracking of personnel in a variety of industries growing demand, electronic tamper wrist with its superior performance, reliability and cost-effective to provide customers with a successful solution.
Electronic wristband target user
Electronic watch specifically for judicial community correction crowd custom wearable integrated location device, and community corrections platform docking system, completely solve the "man-machine separation" issue, can truly realize the inmates in control, effectively prevent the removal correction drain straightening phenomenon. Platform to support electronic wristbands identity registration and management; electronic wristband with inmates correspondence information; electronic wristband capable of configuration changes, such as the frequency of reported information, and configure and manage the activities of inmates region ; able to use GIS geographic information, obtain location information labeling electronic watch, and management. When the battery is depleted, the abnormal situation of bracelet destroyed can be reported immediately.
Electronic wristband features
(1) electronic wristband built-in GSM communication module, data interaction.
(2) electronic wristband waterproof to IP67 level.
(3) electronic watch with tamper feature enables location tracking, automatic location information reporting, automatic alarms, automatic alarm is reported, the interaction with the system platform, system configuration and other functions.
(4) receiving display electronic watch with SMS functionality.
(5) real-time location queries
(6) SOS emergency alarm
(7) an electronic fence alarm
(8) Tamper function: non-authorized force to remove or destroy, it will continue to send the alarm signal recording time information
 (9) low pressure alarm: Low-voltage prompts charging, low voltage uploading information in order to charge it in time
(10) Built-in acceleration sensor
  (11) Fuel Gauge: uploaded regularly wristband Charge Information
  (12) Display: display time, and support for customized services.
 (13) Button Function: Lit TFT display. Button command can also be used to help the police
  (14) ultra-low power consumption, long standby time
  (15) Support SMS View
 (16) Online Tracking Platform Synchronization
 (17) supported by the server multiple instructions simultaneously issued
 (18) alarm function
When the following occurs when a timely warning SMS or internet (including, but not limited to):
1, the electronic watch (bracelet) destruction (including wristbands were cut and remove from the body, etc.)
2, the power shortage.
3, the electronic watch display location information is being allowed to cross the border, fast-moving close to a certain area, for a long time does not move and so on.

Characteristics of electronic wristbands

1.power standard: Working microwatt power level, the standby power consumption of 5mA
2 .Battery Configuration: Rechargeable lithium polymer battery, 660mAh capacity
3 .Packaging Features: ABS plastic, high-strength anti-drop and vibration, waterproof rating IP67. Tensile 30KG
4 .Environmental Characteristics: Operating Temperature -30 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, Humidity <95%
5 .Size: 41 × 38 × 15mm, Strap length 132mm
6 .Appearance section
(1) electronic wristband using harmless materials, safeguard human security.
(2) electronic wristband waterproof features to meet waterproof, dustproof, drop requirements
- Strap length not less than 16cm, length can be adjusted between 16cm-22cm
- Main module width is not more than 43mm
               - Wristband thicker than 5mm
                - The width of the strap portion is not more than 21mm
7.Electronic watch battery part
(1) Electronic waterproof watch with magnetic interfaces charger by Community Corrections staff or community charge inmates themselves.
(2) the battery weighs less than 60g, the battery capacity 620mAh, built into the bracelet.
(3) batteries are rechargeable, long time no more than 1.5 hours to charge.
(4) the longest battery standby time is not less than 7 days.

8 Color: can be customized. Weight: 92g
9 reliable operation: full consideration of lightning protection, waterproof, anti-shock and other industrial environmental applications; production process in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality standards for many aspects of quality testing.

Operating mode
Already approved, the community correction officers other regulatory functions in everyday Correction, with high-precision positioning bracelet device, built GPS, LBS, WIFI positioning modules, is one of the key features internet. These include real-time monitoring, historical monitoring, zoning activities, the district alarm function, disassemble alarm; the first four sub-functions with the monitoring center functions as the final "Removing Alarms" guarantees correction officers during wear, if found to be forced when removing the need to record the alarm on the system platform and corrected promptly notify regulators.

1 electronic wristbands to support GPS, base station, WIFI positioning mode, positioning through GPRS to transfer information to the server and back wearing the device a "proactive approach" to work. When tamper alarm occurs, will take the initiative to report tamper and low battery information on low battery; click of a button, you can trigger the display shows the time, battery and other information;
2 tamper:
Electronic wristband with 3-way tamper (alarm), built-in light sensing circuit boards, capacitive sensing, strap anti-cut function. Remove or destroy unauthorized force, the system will trigger an alarm.
3 positioning information reporting
Supports command reported receiving system (the system issued a directive, electronic wristband immediately reported location information), regular automatic reporting, exception reporting location information, equipment damage reporting and other functions, network status and can handle exceptions.
(2) Location reporting frequency: maximum frequency no greater than three minutes, once the lowest frequency less than 1 hour. Reporting frequency can be set according to demand and smart regulation.
(3) The base station mode LBS positioning accuracy is not more than 500 meters, at the United WIFI and GPS positioning mode positioning accuracy is not more than 30 meters, intelligent positioning mode can be set and contribute to energy saving.

Judicial GPS Watch

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