Cree Introduces Industry's First Illuminated LED Array

Beijing, December 6, 2010 — Cray, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE), the market leader in LED lighting, today announced the launch of the industry's first illuminating LED array, the XLamp® CXA20 LED Array, which is illuminated The first product in the class array, designed to accelerate LED lighting innovation, is capable of achieving the brightness of a 60W A-type incandescent lamp at 11W.

PK Li, Director of Product Development at Aoliang Lighting International Co., Ltd. said: "Cui Rui's new XLamp LED array has left a deep impression on us. The array combines excellent lighting performance with ease of use. Let us quickly develop the company's new A19 lamp and downlight products."

The CXA20 array is available in a single, uniform optical system, 22 mm x 22 mm compact package, and can be fixed with just two screws, helping customers who need a single device in their light source design to simplify the manufacturing process. When used in traditional downlight applications, the CXA20 is 38% brighter than a 26W compact fluorescent (CFL) or 100W incandescent bulb and has an input power of only 14W.

Norbert Hiller, vice president and general manager of Cree's LED Components Division, said: "Creek will continue to introduce the most comprehensive range of lighting-grade LED products to the market, ensuring the best LED light source for lighting applications. CXA series LED arrays are ideal for lighting equipment manufacturers who want to simplify the design and manufacture of indoor LED lighting."

The CXA20 LED array delivers 1,050 lm and 2,000 lm of luminous flux at 11 W and 27 W input power, respectively, at 3000 K warm white temperature. Samples are available now and are expected to be in volume production at the end of the first quarter of 2011 in the normal lead time.

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