Cross-Strait Cooperation LED Standards for Road Lighting Approved

[High-tech LED News] Recently, experts from the Fujian Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and the Fujian Provincial Information Technology Bureau approved and passed the LED standard for "Power LEDs for Road Lighting".

The standard is jointly carried out by experts from both sides of the Taiwan Straits. The standards are widely used for research, development and solicitation of opinions. The opinions of research institutes, testing institutions and production enterprises in domestic and overseas LED-related industries are widely absorbed. Seven expert opinions from different institutions in Taiwan were received, and the drafting unit absorbed some constructive opinions after careful study.

Experts believe that the standard fully reflects the characteristics of the development of LED industry in Fujian and Taiwan, will promote the standardization cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan, and promote the overall scale of industrial scale, overall quality and international competitiveness of Fujian and Taiwan LED. Experts on both sides of the strait believe that standardization cooperation will promote cross-strait economic and trade cooperation to advance in depth and share the fruits of cooperation.

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