Crystal lamp market unspoken rules rampant gold and jade

Different brands of crystal lamps are similar in appearance. It is worth noting that some unscrupulous manufacturers only make superficial articles. They install high-quality lamp beads on the periphery of the larger crystal lamps or in obvious places, and shoddy on the inner or concealed areas of the lighting lamps. From an appearance point of view, they are very similar to some brand-name lighting. With the same appearance, people usually choose the lower price. As everyone knows, those commodities are not the only ones.

The prices of the crystals are very different from each other. "The crystal lamp is the most chaotic in the lighting market. The ordinary lamps cost a thousand dollars to sell, but for a crystal lamp, the thousand dollars is the starting price. However, the market Are all kinds of crystal lamps really worth the money?

The crystal lamp is expensive because of the high purity of the crystal. However, under the attraction of huge profits, many merchants use glass to make “Crystal Lamps” and label them with little price difference with high-purity crystal lamps. Many consumers are unaware of the fact that they think that it is cheap and they are actually confused. Take it for granted.

As there are not many well-known lighting brands in the country, many of the best-selling products for brand lighting will be copied by small brands. For small brands, for raw materials, the used raw materials are more expensive than doubled. How is the price tricky? The sales price of lighting is generally doubled in cost, so after the discount, the profits of the lamps are still considerable.

Those bargains also have a lot of tricks. Some merchants will also squatters on owners who don't know what they are doing. Take the metal lamps that are more popular at present, for example, a metal lamp with a price tag of more than one thousand yuan contains low-voltage high-gloss lamp beads. Sold in lamps.

However, many consumers do not know this information, so some black-hearted merchants sell lamp beads and lamps separately. A lamp with a wholesale price of a few dollars will be drawn from the lamps that have already been paid for, and they will be sold separately. More than one dollar. Some metal lamps require 10-20 low-voltage lamps at a glance. If you buy a few more, the extra cost for consumers will reach 100 yuan.

Therefore, people should always keep their eyes open when choosing. Some brand-name crystal lamps manufacturers have to ensure that their quality and to allow consumers to buy real brands and use them with confidence, will be engraved with a brand logo on each crystal decoration, so if you buy brand names, as long as you carefully identify at the time of purchase Brand logo on it.

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