Dajin Dongfang won the Henan LED street light project

Recently, Dajin Jingdian Energy Management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. reached the Dongfang LED lighting products and won the bid in the bidding project of the LED Street Lights of Cangcheng Road, Jiefang North Road and Shenzhou Road of Xinzheng City.

The bidding has won bids from nearly 100 companies at home and abroad, and only 28 companies have been selected to enter the East and finally won the bid. The company's LED lighting products are the leading products of Dajin Jingdian Energy Management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong-listed company Dajin Jingdian Holdings Co., Ltd. The company has four core technologies of independent intellectual property rights, including aluminum nitride ceramic technology of LED light source, active heat dissipation technology of LED heat dissipation, asymmetric design of LED light distribution and DC high voltage intelligent power supply technology of LED power supply. In addition, the company also has a modern production line and 120,000 square meters of Zhongshan Industrial Park, able to independently develop and produce LED lighting products.

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