Development of LED tube structure design

First, all plastic tube

The early LED tubes used PC tubes, mainly because the early LED tube driving power supply used non-isolated power supply. In order to prevent the driving power supply from leaking through the housing, the PC tube was used, and the lamp bead was Φ5DIP straw hat lamp bead. It was quickly discovered that the light decay of this kind of lamp was very serious, mainly due to heat dissipation. The heat was completely blocked in the tube and could not be dissipated. The life of the straw hat was originally short, and the use of the lamp had limitations.
Therefore, the patch lamp beads are basically used as a light source in the market.

Second, PC + heat dissipation aluminum
After the heat dissipation problem of the whole PC tube was discovered, the R&D engineers designed the structure of the lamp for this phenomenon first, and the LED aluminum-plastic tube composed of PC+ heat-dissipating aluminum + aluminum substrate has good heat dissipation performance and light. It is characterized by uniform distribution and deformation, and has become the mainstream product on the market. (Currently, the PC tube has gradually faded out of the market. There is also a glass tube that has the same heat dissipation effect as the PC tube, and is fragile and difficult to transport has been eliminated by the market)

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