Domestic smart grid market will become a global focus

Domestic smart grid market will become a global focus

The 6th Smart Grid Construction and Distributed Energy Summit will be held on January 8-9, 2015 in Beijing, China. The theme of the conference is "Accelerate the promotion of new urbanization, strengthen the application of distributed energy industry, and work hard to build a Chinese dream of energy."

The world's smart grid construction process has been fully started. Many countries have established smart grid construction goals, action routes and investment plans. Although China started relatively late, in recent years, the pace of smart grid development has accelerated. As China's smart grid policy increases, its potential for development has attracted the attention of the industry.

In recent years, China’s smart grid has developed steadily. By the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, China will comprehensively improve the level of intelligence in its power grids and ensure that the construction tasks will be fully completed in 2015. With the increasing investment in smart grid construction and the nation's full force in the new energy policy area, the Chinese smart grid market has a broader outlook and has become the focus of attention in the global industry.

The construction of smart grids is the direction of future power grid development. It requires the power industry and power companies to pay attention to all walks of life. In order to promote the healthy and rapid development of smart grids, the state should adopt flexible support policies as smart grid construction continues. From the perspectives of strategy, economy, fiscal revenue, and financial markets, we form a policy system that promotes the development of smart grids in China.

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