Don't ignore it! Evil decoration Feng Shui

Renovation is the primary problem after the purchase, and there is no specific standard in the decoration. In real life, many people often spend a lot of money, but the house that has been decorated is not good for feng shui. It is not unfavorable for the cause of wealth, or it is not conducive to feelings or health. The feng shui chooses several common feng shuis that are easy to lead to bankruptcy. ask

The 6KV/6.6KV Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drive is a product accumulated by FGI for over 20 years. The system adopts modular design, mainly including phase shift transformer cabinet, power unit cabinet and control cabinet, etc. The Mv Vfd has the advantages of low input harmonic content and high power factor. The High Voltage Drive is widely used in pumps, fans, woodworking machinery, cement production and other industries.

6Kv And 6.6Kv Medium Voltage Drives

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