Dr.Roland W.Koch on the office lighting market

With the rapid development of China's lighting industry in the past 20 years, market competition has gone from disorder to order, products from popularization to specialization, and the industry is experiencing a large-scale reshuffle and survival of the fittest. With the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic lighting market, in order to win greater competitiveness and provide professional lighting services to users, more and more lighting companies have more precise positioning in product segmentation. The typical representative of the lighting industry is constantly mentioned. A large number of companies such as Shifu, NVC, Beibei, Yangye Electric, and Lighting Lighting are involved in or focused on office lighting.

At present, what is the current status of China's office lighting market? In order to let the industry know more about the current situation of the office lighting market, Aladdin Lighting Network and a group of questions on office lighting on July 24, interviewed the earliest professional in the Chinese market Dr. Roland W. Koch, deputy general manager of Beisi Lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., of "Office Lighting", and under the leadership of Wu Han, general manager of Beisi, visited the office lighting professional exhibition hall to be completed. The Aladdin Lighting Network reporter was also fortunate to be the first to visit the first professional office lighting showroom in China.

Resistant to Dr. Roland W. Koch (Chinese name "Roan Cook")
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Aladdin Lighting Network Liu Jun: Dr. Luo An, please tell us about the concept of office lighting, the development of China?

Dr. Roland: When the office lighting was 10 years ago, people didn't pay attention to it. It was a very unremarkable city. But with the development of technology, people's office style changed. Computer paperless office replaced the traditional The way the writing works by hand. Usually, the lighting requirements for drawing and writing with pens are different when using computer working conditions. People gradually noticed the impact of lighting on working conditions and began to pay attention to the office lights. Under high-quality lighting conditions, people are more comfortable reading newspapers. So now people are paying more and more attention to the modern and scientific office, including lighting.

Albino Lighting Network Liu Jun: In China, people only regard office lighting as the lighting itself, not art.

Dr. Roland: Yes, very correct. In China, we need to constantly strive to meet the future development needs. Office lighting will be much better in Europe, because that (office lighting) is no longer a subjective idea, but legislation to ensure the quality of office lighting. In China, I feel that office lighting fixtures are installed too close to the ceiling because they feel that this provides a better working environment. Usually used in China is a 600X600 lamp. And everyone thinks that office lighting is very cheap, and it has been a matter of course to continue the same ideas and practices. So we need to tell people that creating good office lighting conditions is actually very cheap, you can transform the office space better.

At first people didn't pay attention to and research office lighting, so people certainly didn't spend a lot of money and energy to study its importance. But now this situation is slowly changing, or it has changed a lot. People find that as they need to spend more time in the office, they complain to the boss about the damage that the bad lights cause to the eyes and body. More and more people are paying attention to the fact that office lighting can make employees work better and make their work more enjoyable. So people began to accept the concept of office lighting, and began to invest in office lighting. In fact, creating a good office lighting environment does not cost a lot of money. I believe this market will gradually expand.

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