Edison 250 lumens single-chip white LED debut

Edison Opto, a packaging manufacturer focused on high-power LEDs, recently announced the KLC8 series, which offers a single-chip package brightness of up to 250lm@1A and the highest luminous efficiency of 100lm/W@350mA. Up to 50,000 hours.

The KLC8 series incorporates Edison's packaging technology, which has excellent product characteristics and high quality. Its wide range of dynamic operating characteristics (0mA~1A) is suitable for energy-saving lighting, situational lighting and other variable lighting applications. Edison Optoelectronics said that the high-power LED's high luminous efficiency can be used to replace general fluorescent tubes and bulbs for general lighting, architectural lighting, street lighting, lights, flashlights, LCD TV monitors and projectors.

KLC8 has been mass-produced and shipped. The general luminous efficiency is 85lm/W at 350mA operating current. This series provides white light (4,500-10,000K) and warm white (2,800-3,800K) LED light source, warm white LED With a luminous efficiency of 70 lm/W @350 mA, this series is available in a film-package package for high productivity in lead-free process.



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