Evident licenses Samsung to use its patented quantum dot LED technology

[High-tech LED News] US Evident Technologies, Inc. announced that it has signed a comprehensive patent license and purchase agreement for Evident quantum dot LED technology with South Korea's Samsung Electronics.

Under the agreement, Evident will authorize Samsung to use all of Evident's patent portfolios related to quantum dot LEDs worldwide, ranging from manufacturing quantum dot nanomaterials to final LED production.

According to reports, quantum dots are nano-sized semiconductor crystals, which have broad commercial prospects from solar energy conversion to thermoelectric and even LED applications. Evident is the first company in the world to commercialize quantum dot LEDs and launched related products in 2007.

Thermoelectric devices can be used for solid state heating and cooling, as well as for converting waste heat directly into electrical energy. Evident said the company is currently focusing on the development of next-generation thermoelectric applications using its core quantum dot material technology.

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