Finally full platform, the WeChat version of Windows has come

Although Mac users have already used the WeChat client in February this year, PC users still need to log in to the web version. However, the WeChat version of Windows has already flowed out: the beta version of the WeChat Windows client clicks on the download. It looks like the PC user can use the client for a long time.

Like the Mac version of WeChat, the first login to the Windows version of WeChat also requires the scanning of the QR code. After login, there is not much difference between the functions and interface layout of the two.

Although the previous Windows users can use WeChat through the web version, with the client, it will naturally be more convenient to use. Since WeChat currently supports multiple mainstream desktops and mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Mac, after the official launch of the Windows version of WeChat, it can be said that Weixin has completed the largest “shortfall” in this, and the advantages of QQ are also It is eaten in a little bit.

However, no matter how users transfer, it is still under the Tencent.

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