Flashlight without battery

brief introduction:

From the shape packaging, this flashlight is novel and cute, feels comfortable, and has a cute shell shape such as frogs and piglets. The lamp head adopts double-lamp LED light-emitting diodes, and the light color is soft. Built-in micro power generation device, when the flashlight is dead, as long as the built-in handle of the flashlight flashlight, it feels like playing a toy gun when you are young. With 30 seconds of hand pressure, you can illuminate for 15 minutes, and the power is very abundant!

This flashlight is ideal for outdoor sports, as it never has to worry about battery problems, and its light will have good penetration in smoke. In addition, Xiaoji found that when it's okay, pressing the built-in handle can also achieve the effect of exercising the wrist force, and also save the handpower while saving battery money.

From the street of Xiamen University to the World Trade Boutique Street and then to SM, many flashlights in Xiamen can buy this flashlight at a price of around 20 yuan. Interested friends will go to Amoy.

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