Free and unrestrained 1MORE in-ear Bluetooth headset trial

Xiao Bian think that the Bluetooth headset will fire, because you look at "Kidney 7" have canceled that 3.5mm audio interface, and wireless headsets will certainly become the market explosion. 1MORE iBFree Bluetooth Headset is also believed to be a Bluetooth headset that came out with this trend. In the mature and popularization of Bluetooth 4.0 technology and APTX protocol, users do not have to worry about sound quality and stability. Therefore, the 1MORE iBFree Bluetooth Headset Xiaobian that integrates the most advanced audio technology is very much looking forward to. For detailed trials, please see the full text.

Free and unrestrained 1MORE in-ear Bluetooth headset trial

The 1MORE iBFree Bluetooth Headset uses a sporty headset with a rear-mounted wear structure, but this headset is not a purely sporty headset, but more like a cross-border product that is "light motion." Both sides of the cavity are made of metal material, in-ear style without ear hooks is very simple, stylish appearance with a little bit of movement, and Xiao Bian normal contact pure sports headphones is obviously different.

It is not pure sports, but it is more portable and easier to wear than ordinary wired headphones. It is believed that 1MORE gave iBFree a clever positioning. The image is that this headset is suitable for those who walk, play yoga, ride a bicycle on the river to enjoy the scenery, and then listen to the song and design. In general, wired headsets are not convenient in this usage scenario. Pure sports headsets are not as handsome as iBFree. They can cater to people's daily travel needs and listen to music. iBFree Bluetooth headsets may be the only way of thinking.

If you look at this Bluetooth headset as a "wearable device," then the degree of comfort that comes with it becomes very important, and such headphones need to have a drop-proof design. The iBFree Bluetooth headset uses a solution that adds a drop of silicone “horn” ear muffs to the ear, which is able to hold the ear pins and prevent the headphones from sliding down from their ears. Since the skin-friendly silicone used is soft and not irritating, there is not much pressure or discomfort when worn.

iBFree also comes with two two different SIZE silicone sleeves, including two sets of in-ear silicone sleeves, and two sets of "horn" earmuffs, for different user's ear size to be replaced, the user can choose to best suit their ears The combination. In fact, Xiao Bian put the headset to the company's female employees and male employees to try and put it on. They can all be fixed on their ears and they are not easy to fall.

Compared to the ear-mounted wireless Bluetooth headset launched by 1MORE before, iBFree I feel more like wearing it. One of the big reasons is that Xiao Bian wears glasses, and the ear-hook headphone handle rests on the glasses frame, so iBFree has no ears. Hanging program is particularly suitable for Xiao Bian this "four eyes house."

The iBFree headset design the Bluetooth antenna module as a line control device, so it can be seen that the remote control extends a small black block on the right ear part. This is different from many sports headphones because the current sports headphones on the market will integrate the entire Bluetooth module on one side of the left and right headphones. The main purpose of the 1MORE Bluetooth module is to keep the antenna away from the ear and reduce the impact of radiation on the human body. Although it's a little strange from the senses, because there is one more line control, from a health point of view, this kind of conscience design is praised.

Because the remote control was introduced, it is more convenient to operate the remote control device. To know that 1MORE headset wire control is very easy to use, the key feel is particularly good, and full-featured, compatible with Android, Apple and most other mobile devices. With volume control, forward and backward, answering calls, playback pauses and other features.

Long press the power button of the iBFree headset to put the headset into the pairing state. At this time, you can find the headset by searching the Bluetooth device on the mobile phone and pair it. Now the Android phone or the Apple phone does not need to input the pairing code to connect the headset. The operation is very simple and does not require complicated operations. After connecting, you can also see the power of the Bluetooth device in the upper right corner.

The acoustic structure of the headset was continued and an Aerospace metal composite diaphragm was used. This is where the 1MORE headphones are best at. With 1MORE tuner deployment, the high-frequency extension is natural, smooth, and brings rich details; it also ensures a mellow midrange and solid bass, and makes the sense of hearing balanced and transparent.

The details of the sound of the headphones are clear. In general, the high and low ends of the Bluetooth audio are particularly dim, and the iBFree Bluetooth headset looks balanced and full. Low frequency feels very dynamic, full of sense, and flexible. It may be due to the optimization of the sound of sports headphones. Under some rhythmic music, iBFree headset can let users adjust the pace according to the music rhythm. This kind of tuning style only appears in music headphones.

The vocal texture is biased toward the clearer, the sound resolution is actually very good, and the vocal and background music levels are very good. For a Bluetooth wireless headset, this effect is indeed not easy. It can be seen that the new Bluetooth wireless technology now has a sufficiently high transmission bit rate, allowing the wireless headset's voice to be infinitely closer to the wired sound quality. In terms of sound quality, the overall performance is very good, can be comparable to the level of wired headphones.

Editor's summary: The design concept of iBFree Bluetooth headset light movement is in fact very consistent with the current user habits, this headset is designed to combine daily exercise and music, in the new Bluetooth technology and APTX protocol and other objective conditions After maturity, it is easier to integrate music into life. iBFree Bluetooth Headset This high-quality wireless headset is definitely a trend in the future. It has a sound quality level that can completely replace the wired headphones, and the price is very close to the people. It is strongly recommended that people who love life and love sports purchase this product.

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