Gaussian KSC75 ear-hook headphones evaluation

After the release of the most classic portable headset Porta Pro [PP], some readers expressed interest in the performance of KSC75, another portable headset product of KOSS, and personally provided samples for comparison with PP. Thanks here. Netizens' enthusiasm support. Compared with PP, KSC75 has a lower visibility and a much weaker sense of existence. However, the price of KSC75 is also much cheaper, it can be bought within 200 yuan, and it is only sold on Amazon. 15 US knife level.
Gaussian KSC75 ear-hook headphones evaluation
After getting the real thing, we can quickly understand why the KSC75 can be sold so cheaply. The design aesthetic of this product also stays in the last century, keeping the KOSS consistently rough for many years. It is hard to imagine that this is a Designed in the 21st century, the street-out headphones products launched in 2006, the earth is full of tears, of course, it is too cruel to classify it as a combination of bathroom showers and UFO. By the way, KOSS's Ear Clip earhook series products, even the most expensive KDE250 [price of two hundred and five dollars], the shape is still my own informality.
Gaussian KSC75 ear-hook headphones evaluation
KSC75 is ear-hook-type, and the thick translucent plastic fixed shelf is really a bitter for the glasses party. Of course, even if you don't wear glasses, you can't expect to fit the ear tightly. If you wear it, you don't feel real. If you just walk, you can use it. Problem, but the reliability is doubtful when running and playing sports. The plastic beads on the steel frame can be adjusted for proper fixing, but the feeling of void is an unavoidable problem of ear-hook type, at least a larger volume is required than the head-mounted type. Only, for the onlookers, there is a feeling of hanging a pair of small speakers. The advantage is that there is no pressure on the ears, and it will not be tired for a long time.
As a portable headset that comes out of the street, the impedance of the KSC75 reaches 60 ohms and the sensitivity is only 101dB. Of course, it is not as difficult to drive on the literal parameters, but it is difficult to push it enough. The shiny metal coating helps the expansion of the high frequency. The official website of KOSS says that it is coated with 2mm... This seems too thick for the earphone diaphragm. It may just be that the homepage has forgotten the decimal point. New, it seems that the frequency of use is not high, but we did not deliberately take the opportunity for a long time, because the opening of this headset has some small surprises, the overall sound quality is not a problem beyond PP [of course, PP is too old], The sound maintains a warmer style, but it is more neutral than PP. But if you want to push the KSC75 enough, you need the iPhone or Walkman product at the very least. MX3, iPhone/iPod Touch are more suitable, but Under Xplay 3S, the advantages of sound field and dynamics will be even greater. If there is no special explanation in the text, the evaluation of hearing is based on Xplay 3S.
Gaussian KSC75 ear-hook headphones evaluation
High frequency performance
The biggest advantage of the KSC75 over PP is the high frequency, but it is also the biggest deficiency of this headset. It sounds a bit contradictory. The KSC75's high-frequency dynamic performance is better, the sound is clean and neat, showing the violin and electric guitar. There are certain characteristics, but the collection is faster, lack of high-end headphones to show the high-frequency luster and ductility of the string instruments. There is a certain heightening trace on the human voice, the tooth sound and excitation excessive effect is obvious, more blunt. In a relatively weak source of sound [such as Sony B172F, Nexus 7, etc.], the high frequency should be relatively soft, but the glitch caused by the distortion is more obvious, and the sound field is lost compared with the more advanced sound sources such as Xplay 3S and independent sound card. And dynamic performance. High-frequency extension, volume, detail, relative PP is indeed a 20-year advantage, although not enough satisfactory, but not the JVC S500's boring humming style.
IF performance
The mid-frequency of the KSC75 also shows a strong style, but the ear-hanging type has a large leakage, which is obviously neutral compared to PP. It is slightly collapsed. The overall resolution and transient are better than many big-name 200-yuan products. The degree depends on the sound source, but the sound card or decoder will make the medium and high frequency overheated, the burr will increase, and it will become too flat when the vocals are chorus. The medium and high frequency particles are slightly thicker and more textured than the PX100II and K420. It is better, but the mid-low frequency is slightly collapsed. In the performance of male voice, the fullness is slightly insufficient, and even some blunt, but can make the positive sound of the second-yuan female voice bring some positive changes. Slightly press the unit, will Found that the intermediate frequency can be significantly improved.
Low frequency performance, dynamic sound field
The ear-hook type has a great influence on the low frequency of the unit, but the KSC75 has a moderate sense of low frequency. If the low frequency is pressed, it will be too much, and it will be closer to the style of PP. The low frequency dive is not deep, relative to the low frequency of PP, the transient state Cleaner, more low-frequency, large dynamic video game soundtrack can also be retracted freely, in the low-cost headphones is a valuable, used to listen to orchestral music seems too clean, less details, high frequency is also slightly darker, not enough The lateral sound field of the KSC75 is more convergent than PP, and the longitudinal direction is relatively flat. It requires a relatively good sound source to show the advantages of the sound level.
Gaussian KSC75 ear-hook headphones evaluation
Due to the tears of the times, the sound quality of KOSS KSC75 has an absolute advantage over PP. It is completely unsuitable for use on antique tape drives or radios. The requirements on the sound source are slightly higher. It is more suitable for plugging in sound cards. The iPhone's headphones can also sound the difference in sound quality of the music. At the same time, the KSC75 maintains a relatively heavy sound style, but it is not weird and younger and more energetic. The details of the sound and stretchability are compared to the innovative Aurviva Live! The rambler H840/H850 and other headphones also have obvious generation difference, of course, this also meets the price gap. If consumers can really accept this kind of old-fashioned V12 iron cylinder, the American after-sales era style portable headset products KSC75 must be more valuable than PP and cheaper.
Gaussian KSC75 ear-hook headphones evaluation

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