GE Lighting President inspects GE Xi'an Innovation Center

[High-tech LED News] On October 18, Ms. Maryrose Sylvester, President and CEO of GE Lighting, arrived in Xi'an to inspect GE Xi'an Innovation Center. The next day she visited Xiamen and attended the joint venture of GE Lighting and Topstar. Daxin Technology Co., Ltd. added a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the production of the T5 production line.

After the opening of the GE Xi'an Innovation Center in the High-tech Zone, it will be mainly engaged in technological innovation, product development and engineering services for high-tech lighting and other related businesses.

Maryrose Sylvester said that Xi'an is a key market for China's central and western development strategy and one of GE's important bases for developing lighting business. The Innovation Center will integrate GE's leading technology and R&D capabilities to promote the development and application of GE's new products and technologies in China, and provide customized solutions tailored to local market needs to truly localize.

It is understood that GE Lighting is committed to building a center of excellence in products and technology with strong strength and competitive advantages. Its joint venture in Xiamen, Tongshida New Technology Co., Ltd. has become the key manufacturing center of GE Lighting's global high-efficiency T5 straight tube fluorescent lamp products.

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