Get rid of homogenization - AJAZZ Black AK60 Side Carving RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Maybe when many ordinary users still understand the difference between RGB machinery and light mixing machinery, in the eyes of the fever old bird, the RGB mechanical keyboard has been developing for two years from the pirate ship K70 rgb, and it is no longer novelty, even quick It's dusk.

However, RGB machinery is absolutely a more perfect machine. This is undisputed, random global, regional color and a variety of dynamic equivalence, with 16.8 million colors is to ensure that the maximum effect of light efficiency. So, the choice of backlighting machine still prefers a bit more RGB. Despite the appearance and homogeneity of the lighting effect is very serious, but still found the wonderful AK60 a blooming bloom, really want to play.

The real 104-key RGB machinery is generally 399 yuan or more than 1,000 yuan, AK60's price is not high price, but it is not expensive, this price can feel fancy to choose the monochrome cherry shaft, choose the domestic axis to return the price , certainly not only RGB lights.

Out of the box

Product packaging is very simple, not full-color, looks a bit LOW, Heijue AK60 Chinese name is "halo", it is clear that the old packaging on the weakened the old logo "AJAZZ", and the introduction of a new FIRSTBLOOD, should not misspell Well, more classic fonts, why do I feel a bit like Maserati's font? . . . But it is indeed better than before AJAZZ.

There is a nameplate on the back corner, I have a green shaft (AK60 currently only has a green shaft), technical parameters of some products, such as life, performance and materials, etc. In addition, the warranty is 1 year. It is worth noting that the AK60 support for the system from XP to WIN10, and including the Apple IOS, there seems to be a good compatibility, win10 has always been the problem of game compatibility, this is the next, +1.

Starting from the AK33, the outside yellow inner black double outer packaging is used, and both are thick corrugated paper. The meaning of the outer envelope of the pirate ship K70 is different from that of a thin layer of colored envelopes. It is not the pursuit of beauty. The double outer yellow corrugated cardboard boxes can be more Good protection of boxes and products, express brother can be packaged directly away.

Found that the inner box actually did not seal the paste, this provides an opportunity for second-hand East, it is recommended that you can do seal.

All include: keyboard, wire puller, quick guide, warranty card, care instructions.

Because the RGB lighting effect and color selection are extensive, adjustments are more complex than general backlit keyboards, and there are shortcut function keys and knobs in the upper right corner of the keyboard. It is advisable to take a look at the manual to get a quick start and enjoy the product.

This is the steel wire puller, according to the appearance of CHERRY steel pull to do, the top axis is the AJAZZ printed on the LOGO on the axis, is also the axis on the AK60, I do not pull it, look directly at this.

Do not ignore the correct use of the key puller:

1 The vertical drop of the key puller is put in from both sides of the keycap.

2 Keep it vertical and slightly rotate in any direction.

3 Feel the wire stuck to the opposite corner of the keycap.

4 Pull up vertically to remove the keycap. (Remember, it must be pulled vertically. The more you tilt it, the harder it will be to pull it out. It may even pull out the shaft.)


Different from other products: Side-entry backlight keycap, F-zone keycap R5 height, dual-mode metal knob, replaceable metal cover.

Basic specifications

Product in kind

The AK60 is a 104-key American layout. The iron grey all-aluminum frame is equipped with a black no-cut side keycap that looks very tough and cool. Compared to FILCO's kind of common mode, it has a lot of texture, and compared to those of domestically made Matts, it seems to be more simple and low-key. Honestly speaking, this face value impressed me. Although he was a copy of the American DAS's four generations (which certainly could not be my eyes), it is gratifying to also incorporate some of his own ideas, such as side engraving, RGB, such as changing the face cover. (See below).

(This image is from the Internet) The AK60 looks like it can be replaced without affecting the warranty.

Gold-plated + magnetic ring wire, comes bundled with xian rope.

Have you discovered that the gradient of the keycaps on the side of the keyboard is noticeably more pronounced than the general machinery because the F zone is higher at an altitude of R5 (usually R4) and the R5 keycaps only appear on old mechanical machines (I A KEYTRONIC's ALPS axis is), it is on the RACE on the return of the river, and the Black AK33 allows the people to play an R5. R5 I personally think that it can be there. I really like it. Of course, the R5's keycap must be re-opened. The upper side of the home is engraved with characters. What I mean by this is to praise the Dark Lord for not resorting to the use of compressed-cost public-mode keycaps.

ABS laser laser carved side key cap, character carved in the lower side of the keycap, where the human finger can not reach, without affecting the visual situation, to avoid the wear of the character, has remained the same, timeless.

Moreover, even if the font is not turned on, this type of font is also very clear, it does not look like a light-transmitting character, because after a light-colored UV, as long as the light is on, it will be another scene. The majority of ABS double-color characters in the market use public models, although the high degree of durability, but the lack of personality is very serious, pay attention to the personality of people should be more like this set of keycaps, R1 ~ R5 height, side engraving and delicate fonts, do not follow Big stream. I seem to repeat. . . .

The side of the fuselage looks very comfortable.

The "Firstblood" in the lower right corner of the box (below the keypad) (from the DOTA game meaning the first person's head, the earliest appearance of Stallone's "The First Blood") is a LOGO that is formed integrally with the metal upper frame. The three-dimensional effect, the same color and texture (aluminum anodized surface), although not so obvious, does not affect the simple beauty. Think of the LOGO for fear of not being seen by people, I prefer this one.

This scroll wheel is so beautiful, but there is such an atmospheric wheel on the keyboard is not Heijue first to do, the earliest Deimo GA9 there (I have a collection, forget to take a picture of everyone Baidu), but that is plastic. All of the AK60's called halo should be related to this metal roller. It is unclear how to achieve a red halo on the black wheels. But this texture is pleasing to the eye and shows that the craftsmanship is good.

The Halo Roller can accept both front and side dials (because of gaps) to see what the user likes. I like the first, one-touch shuttle feel.

There are some shortcut keys near the indicator light: the first floor is a multimedia control key, the left side of the second floor is a key cycle light effect switch, the right is the mode key to switch the scroll wheel. In other words, the scroll wheel can adjust the volume level, mute, and adjust the light

There is no character on the surface of the keycap. It looks a bit unaccustomed, but it feels very delicate, because it is ABS material, the surface has a layer of skin UV, enhance texture and comfort, but the face of prolonged use or severe The user will surely appear to be shiny and slippery. The solution that can be conceived is to wipe it off at ordinary times.

The back is very concise, nothing special.

To replace the upper shell requires a hexagon socket screw, which is not very convenient.

Backlight effect

The AK60 is an RGB mechanical keyboard. Lights can be transformed with 10 kinds of special effects. There are many color options. Free combination is enough. Really buy a keyboard total play lights should still be a minority.

Take a video while taking a photo and take a look

The transition effect of the character is quite satisfactory, and the details can be searched for other videos.

Finally, show a few static diagrams that you can see with the naked eye.

The combination of metal and any monochromatic light has no sense of contradiction. Unlike the backlight without flooding, this classic backlight still has a large number of fans.

In addition, the AK60 side RGB gives me some freshness, and the light is not so dazzling, it must be gorgeous and gorgeous. It should be simple and simple, in line with all the characteristics that RGB machinery should have.

Drive attempt

The WIN7 64-bit system, the main interface can not say how exquisite, but the layout is very clear, easy to use. The default report rate is 125hz, and it is recommended to change it to 500, 1000HZ.

Keyboard light effects can be adjusted with 1 key or FN + hotkey combination drive-free adjustment, can also be directly adjusted in the drive, and are effective immediately, without any application, save, we can see this keyboard control chip response speed is very good of.

Macro recording interface, you can record wirelessly, segmented recording, very embarrassing, you can also choose to automatically record the delay, you can also stop the recording, in the edit field to modify, 5ms multiple times.

Custom keys, AK60 supports full-key customization (except the FN key to control the drive-free function), click a button, you can choose a custom function for him, such as single-button, macro or multimedia features, very convenient.

Personal experience

Actually, before I started, I did my homework. After all, more than 500, unless it was completely directed at low prices, but now there is no sense of security for low-priced machinery, machinery is a cabbage. Finally, I took a look at the AK60's actual table effect. I summed up the last international practice.

The short-term general feelings and the discovery of the fact that the AK60 deliberately evaded the mainstream of the market in many parts of the world, some of the details of the thought, although not how perfect and tall, but very particular and their own forcing, regardless of It is worth noting that the things that fell on the product or those that fall on the product are still worth noting.

Advantages: appearance design and workmanship is good, blue axis feel fly. The dual mode halo wheel has high value and practical value. Side novelty, with a rich RGB lighting effect, the effect is good. Metal cover can be replaced, DIY playability is good. Drive design is reasonable, get started quickly.

Disadvantages: Blue axis feels good, but the big key feel and ordinary key difference is still more obvious, the smoothness is slightly less. The halo wheel wobbles slightly as it rolls. ABS laser key cap, oil is inevitable.

Probably these are for reference only! The total habit of writing too much out of the box complicated, looking Zhang Aunt Haihan.

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