Guangzhou sampled 18 LED bulbs, half of the companies failed

On the afternoon of April 1, the Guangzhou Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce reported that the bureau commissioned the Guangzhou Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute to conduct the quality of energy-saving lamps (self-ballasted fluorescent lamps for general lighting) and LED bulbs sold in the circulation field of Guangzhou. A sample test.
A total of 16 samples produced by 15 manufacturers were collected from the energy-saving lamps. After inspection, none of the samples tested were found to be unqualified, and 11 samples were judged to be unqualified by the overall supervision. The failure rate was 68.75%.

A total of 30 samples produced by 18 manufacturers were sampled by LED bulbs. After inspection, 15 samples were found to be unqualified, and 15 samples were judged as supervised overall failure, and the failure rate was 50%.
The Guangzhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau has imposed penalties on the sellers of unqualified products in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Product Quality Law, and urged the sellers in the city to do the delisting of the same specifications (models) of the same producers. Sellers who fail to perform delisting will be investigated and punished according to law.

LED monochrome screen is mostly used for strip screen, monochrome screen is used in banks, stores and photographic buildings, and large screen is used for text publicity, environmental monitoring, led monochrome screen, with strong movement and gorgeous color. As a broadcast medium, low price and standardized accessories, it is more and more popular.

Monochrome screen

Single Color  Led Display features:

1. Monochrome screen mainly includes single red, light green, single white, single purple, single blue and other colors. Choose different colors according to customers' preferences;

2. Display content: play weather notice, advertisement, slogan, environmental monitoring, welcome words, can display multiple languages at will, enter and exit the display in various flexible ways, can display the form, the form content data can be manually transmitted and changed through special software, can also use the editing software to combine the text, picture, form and overlay display, can collect the current situation in the machine Time, display the day, month, week, hour, minute, second, etc. of various formats.

3. LED display has the characteristics of high brightness, long service life, light weight, modular structure, convenient installation, etc.

4. Display mode: the text can play a variety of fonts, glyphs, and different text information, with more than a dozen pieces displayed, including turning, transferring, rotating, rolling, flashing, snowing, etc. The signal can be amplified or reduced. Playback supports compression and acquisition of AVI signals. Software access, rich screen advertising creative lifelike display.

5. App can be installed through mobile phone, and data can be modified through WiFi hotspot. Modify data anytime, anywhere.

6. Software compatibility. The software has a secondary development package, which is compatible with the development requirements of customer requirements.

single screen

Single Color  Led Screen structure: screen door head aluminum frame, easy and fast installation. Module, power supply, system card, front and back maintenance. , there is only one power cord outside the box. Overall installation of finished products. No professional is required to install.

single color screen

Single Color LED Display

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