Hainan Province field monitoring and mission equipment (including LED) project procurement information

Title: Hainan Province Field Monitoring and Mission Equipment (including LED) Project Procurement Information Tender No.: HNGP2009-006857R Announcement Date: June 5, 2009 Deadline: June 15, 2009 Tendering Agency: Hainan Bawangling National Nature Protected Areas Administration and Municipality: Hainan Province - Haikou City Contents: 1. Purchase Number: HNGP2009-006857R

2. Purchasing content: see the table below

Serial number: 4

Purchasing goods name: LED screen

Reference brand, model and specifications: name SMD PH7.62mm surface mount three-in-one full color display
1.1, pixel tube pixel tube spacing: 7.62mm
Base color: red + pure green + pure blue light point color combination: 1R1G1B
Physical density: 17220 points / m2
1.2, unit board unit board size: 244mm × 122mm
Number of rows and columns of the unit board: 32 points long × 16 points wide The pixel resolution: 512 points / block
1.3, display screen full screen viewing distance: 5 ~ 120m
Best view: 90° horizontal, 30° up and down
2, (main technical parameters 1) Drive device: 1/8 scan using LED dedicated constant current drive device
2.2) Drive mode: constant current drive
2.3) Refresh rate: 480Hz/s
2.4) Frame rate: 60Hz/s
2.5) Grayscale/color: 4096 levels, which can display 16.7M color
2.6) Brightness: ≥1200cd/m2
2.7) Brightness adjustment mode: software adjustment 16 adjustable
2.8) Video signal: PAL/NTSC
2.9) Control system adopts: PCTV nonlinear editing card + DVI graphics card + full color control card + (optical fiber transmission)
2.10) Mean time between failures: ≥ 10,000 hours
2.11) Life: 100,000 hours
2.12) Flatness: ≤0.5mm between any adjacent pixels; Module splicing gap Company Name: Hainan Government Procurement Center Contact: Huang Yan Tel: 0898-66529823 E-mail: Fax: 0898-66529846 Postal Code: 570125 Address: 7th Floor, Anhai Building, No. 3 Huahai Road, Haikou City

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