Haiyu Optoelectronics: Building a complete LED industry chain

In accelerating the adjustment of industrial structure, Xinli Street is oriented towards urbanization and builds industrial clusters based on high, fine and new industries, and basically forms LEDs (a solid-state semiconductor device that can directly convert electricity into light). The industrial chain, product research and development, transformation, and manufacturing are at the leading level at home and abroad.

Since the completion of Tianjin Haiyu Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. project in Xinli Street at the end of 2008, the street has taken advantage of the industrial park and worked hard to build an LED industry chain, which is focused on cultivating a complete industrial chain and R&D and transformation capabilities. enterprise.

The 5th China LED Industry Theme Summit held in Dongli Lake in 2010 clearly stated that 2010 is the first year of LED industry development, the Copenhagen Climate Conference, and the Chinese government clearly put forward the key development of “energy saving, low carbon economy” The goal of “Tenth Five-Year Plan for Science and Technology Development in Tianjin” clarifies the key areas for developing a low-carbon economy, and the national-level semiconductor lighting high-tech industrialization base settles in Dongli, and the Ministry of Science and Technology has determined the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Cities” project. The pilot cities have opened up a vast space for the cultivation of low-carbon industries for Xinli Street and the creation of Haiyu Optoelectronics LED industry cluster. The sub-district office actively creates first-class conditions for policy, environment and service. The enterprise determines the industrial target according to the domestic market situation and R&D and manufacturing capabilities: focusing on the upper, middle and lower reaches of LED industry with urban lighting as the leader. The chain integrates R&D centers, chips and packaging, production bases and technology parks to form a leading enterprise with a complete industrial chain. In operation, the company has extensively gained experience in the development of leading LED industry companies - Cree, Japan Nichia, Osram, Philips, Seoul, South Korea and Samsung. At present, Tianjin Haiyu Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has developed into a registered capital of 50 million yuan, and built a comprehensive LED industry cluster integrating optical technology development, optoelectronic component manufacturing, semiconductor material manufacturing, lighting equipment manufacturing, optoelectronic engineering design and construction. And together with Tianjin Polytechnic University to build LED R & D center, occupying a quarter of the national LED R & D, teaching space, this year Tianjin University of Technology will also set up the LED professional in the country, for the LED industry research and development to train a team of professionals. The development of Haiyu Company has been fully supported by the National High-tech Semiconductor Lighting Application System Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education and the Tianjin Science and Technology Commission High-power Semiconductor Lighting Application System Engineering Research Center. It has become the chairman and secretary of the Tianjin Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance. Long unit, established a global strategic partnership with CREE, and achieved a number of innovations in LED lighting application technology: introducing computer-aided optical design technology into LED optical design, establishing a mainstream manufacturer's LED light source model library to achieve high accuracy Degree of simulation optics, large-scale reduction of mold development costs, low-cost and high-efficiency high-end product development; formation of LED application products thermal management, optical, power supply and drive standard reliability test methods, development of long life, good weather resistance Efficient indoor and outdoor products; high-efficiency solutions for high-reliability power supply and drive technology, solve discrete control problems of LED light source parameters, ensure the life of ultra-high-brightness LEDs; develop LED-specific driver chips, develop high conversion efficiency and long life Power supply; breakthrough vertical integration of LED applications and packaging

Under the technical innovation support of the R&D base, Haiyu Optoelectronics' LED product technology performance has achieved a qualitative leap. Compared with fluorescent lamps, the indoor lighting products achieve 50% energy saving effect. After intelligent control, the total energy saving effect is 64.92%. The soft surface light source design overcomes the defects of LED congenital glare and spot light spots and improves the display. The degree of light, the night lighting project for ancient buildings designed by the Palace Museum Yanchun Pavilion far exceeds 20-30% of the illuminance of ordinary lighting, reaching more than 80%, truly reappearing the ancient architectural style; through subsection control, time control, The intelligent method such as adaptive control ensures that the energy in the illumination area is constant, and the energy saving is achieved. The design of key components such as standardized light sources that are convenient to replace makes the products have different specifications and compatibility, and enhances maintainability; Lighting products have been widely used in the municipal construction of Tianjin, Huizhou, Shenzhen, Guiyang, Linyi and Zoucheng. The road lighting in Binhai High-tech Zone, the lighting of Tianjin Rocket Base Plant, the road lighting in Dongli Development Zone, and the road lighting in Dongguan are all easy to use. Extends series of street lamps and is recommended by the World Environmental Protection Organization to produce the Guiyang Garden Courtyard during the Global Environmental Conference.

The National 863 Program and the National Natural Science Foundation Key Projects, which are jointly established by the company and Tianjin University of Technology, have hosted and participated in 8 national-level projects, Tianjin Science and Technology Innovation Special Fund Project, Tianjin Science and Technology Support Key Project, etc. 15 provincial and ministerial-level projects, applied for 34 patents, and jointly established a semiconductor process and device ultra-clean laboratory with the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and built a high-power semiconductor lighting product engineering pilot and industrialization base in Haiyu Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Extensive and in-depth cooperation with CREE Corporation of the United States and the New York Energy Conservation Center of the United States, and long-term scientific research cooperation with the Australian National Optoelectronics Laboratory.

The rise of Haiyu Optoelectronics has formed a development model of low-carbon industrial parks in Xinli Street. The LED industry is breaking the monopoly of the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, forming a R&D and industrial cluster in the Bohai Rim, and injecting new vitality into the low-carbon industry of Binhai New Area. .

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