Hand-picked stars - the star on the dam

It is said that the grassland of Bashang has a good view and is a paradise for photographers. In addition to the green pastures during the day, the glittering stars in the night are also rare photographic materials. First came a grassland during the day, full of WINXP desktop feel ~~~ Full WINXP desktop feel~ Seeing a vast starry sky in a big city is almost a luxury. Various artificial light sources cover the city’s sky. Looking at the starry sky over the dam is a good choice. It has a wide field of vision and less light pollution. How to find the right place to shoot In fact, there are many places where you can take stars all over the country, but generally they are far away from big cities. If you want to know in advance the light pollution intensity in nearby areas and have a good look at the shooting spots, you can refer to this light pollution map: http://djlorenz.github.io /astronomy/lp2006/ Asian light pollution map The clarity of the map is very high. You can find your location to see where the light pollution intensity is relatively weak, and there is less pollution with blueish colors in the map. For example, if you want to take stars in Taiwan, the East Coast is much better than the West Coast: About light pollution levels: Quote a description: the general relationship between the night sky background brightness and the visual limit astral: visual limit astral 5.0 etc. = night sky background brightness 20.0 / square angle seconds; visual limit astral 6.0 etc. = night sky background brightness 21.0, etc. / Square angle seconds; visual limit magnitude 6.8, etc. = night sky background brightness 21.75 / square angle seconds. When the night sky background brightness is greater than 20.0, etc., the Milky Way is visible (the Milky Way near Sagittarius); when the night sky background brightness is greater than 21.6, etc./square angle seconds, the winter galactic landscape and the Huang Daoguang are visible. equipment body: Canon EOS 6D SLR body 8899 yuan Jingdong direct link Lens: Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM standard zoom lens 11699 yuan Jingdong direct link And the most indispensable tripod Benro tripod C1690TB0 carbon fiber Canon Nikon SLR camera tripod tripod SLR camera tripod head 999 yuan Bainuo is the domestic tripod more reliable brand, rich materials, solid workmanship, high cost performance, in photography hobby The reputation of enthusiasts and professional photographers is still good. This C1690TB0 is a Travel Angel 0 series carbon fiber tripod set. It is designed with a three-barrel folding design to enhance the convenience of carrying and you can take your plane with you. The material is made of pure carbon fiber tube material, the main part of the use of magnesium alloy metal parts, lighter weight, higher strength, shock absorption Jingdong direct link to view Wikipedia shooting parameters ISO:2000 Shutter: 13 seconds Focal length: 24mm, manual focus Aperture: f/2.8 Residence B&B, Big Dipper visible Galaxy: Postscript In fact, playing a lot of stars, can also use 30 seconds of long exposure continuous shooting 30 minutes to several hours, the final synthesis of the star track photos are also very beautiful, we are interested if you can play a ~ ~ ~