Handheld POS Parking Toll System Solution

Nowadays, there are more and more people owning private cars, and urban parking has become a new problem. Among them, parking charges are especially important. It is the purpose of handheld POS parking charging system to make safe and fast parking charges.

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First, system software design

1, system principle

Handheld POS is used to manage the entry and exit of the vehicle;

For parking charges, pay in cash, print in and out of the ticket, and save the data;

Parameter setting for charging method and charging rule;

Support multiple query functions. (easy to supervise the toll collector)

2, system security

2.1 Hardware Security Features

The POS system uses a proprietary architecture to prevent attacks on the hardware. And the operator can not directly operate the database to prevent stealing or tampering with transaction data. The terminal comes with an operating system that allows applications to run across hardware platforms. The operating system provides a complete set of hardware testing and fault reporting capabilities, making system maintenance quite convenient. In addition to the printer, there is no other mechanical operation in the POS. The data storage adopts the electronic disk with power protection, which can avoid the attack of *, and its reliability is several times higher than that of the ordinary hard disk, which greatly improves the reliability and security of the data. The system failure rate is greatly reduced.

2.2 Operational safety features

In the terminal, the operator is hierarchically managed (such as the operator and system administrator), and all levels of personnel need to check the card before they can perform the permitted operation, which effectively prevents unauthorized operation.

3, system software

The system software mainly includes three major modules:

Card issuer operation module, finance officer operation module, administrator operation module

3.1 card issuer operation: issue card, recharge, return card, inquiry

IC card management, users have different choices for the use of parking lots, so the types of IC cards are different, there are general-purpose, monthly-rent, stored-value IC cards, so the IC card management process needs to be The produced IC card has been produced for initialization, the corresponding information is written, the password is assigned to the IC card, and each record of the card is written into the database to provide data for future statistics, queries and other related work.

Card issuing: Connect the card reader, click the start button; enter the amount, enter the name (no name input card number), the license plate (the stored value card and the administrator card do not input, the monthly card must input the license plate), the card serial number, click the card.

Recharge: Put the card on the reader, click on the card, enter the recharge amount, click on the recharge

Retire the card: Put the card on the reader, click on the card, click on the card, and refund the amount.

3.2 Finance Officer Operations

View all financial statistics reports: You can find all the financial statements, total recharge, card issuance, and card withdrawal status in [Statistical Query], and you can find all the information in [Financial Officer Details]. For financial accounts, you can select the specified date to view the financial statements for the specified date.

View the details of the treasurer: In the [Statistical Query] [Finaner Query Details] you can see the details, you can specify the date and time, view all the operation records, including the card (recharge), refund card (return card) ), card cost, card deposit, total income.

3.3 administrator operation

The administrator can view all the statistical reports, and add the settings that can increase the information of the road sections, the link mode, and the standard of the link. Click [System Maintenance], the first item [Unit Settings], you can set the port connected by the reader. , unit name, printer port.

[Segment category setting] You can set the roadside information (one type of charge, the second type of charge, the third type of charge).

[Segment name setting] You can set the name of the road and the road information to which it belongs.

[Charge category setting] is consistent with the section category setting

[Charging mode setting] You can set the hourly fee, charge by number

[Charging Standard Setting] You can set the charging standard for each road segment, select the charging category. After the charging mode, click the [Add] button to increase the charging standard, enter the charging name and the charging amount, and then click the [Save] button. Add new fees.

[Group rights assignment] can assign different function permissions for each role

[Operator Management] Operators can be set and added, and operators can be set to different roles to set operator permissions.

Second, the function profile

2.1 Operator function

(1) Parking of the vehicle: When the vehicle enters the parking lot, the staff will issue an IC card to the driver. If the driver already has a monthly or stored value card, the staff will use the card and other cards. The same operation is performed in the handset, and the handheld writes the current system time (automatic) and the license plate number (worker input) into the card, and the driver enters the parking lot with the card.

(2) Vehicle charging: When the vehicle leaves the parking lot, the driver hands the card to the staff. The staff puts the card in the handset for operation. After the handheld determines the type of the card, the corresponding processing is performed according to the current system. The time is obtained by the vehicle's stay time, and the settlement amount is obtained from the settlement rate stored in the handset. If the IC card is a general form of the IC card, the driver delivers the amount, and the staff member withdraws the IC card and releases it; The IC card is a stored value card, and the handheld device performs deduction processing from the IC card. Upon completion, the driver leaves the card.

(3) Management function: Each time the vehicle enters and exits the vehicle, the handset records the operation record, and the staff periodically uploads the record data, which is processed by the management program.

2.2 administrator function

Collect data to upload data: POS machine uploads data to the server or server to download data to the POS machine, first let the POS machine enter the communication state, the method (the POS machine is turned on and then press [F2] to select [1] communication program to enter the communication state) Then enter the software and click the [Data Transfer] option. When uploading the data to the server, select [Upload Consumption Data]. After entering, click Upload Data. If the data fails to be uploaded, check whether the data is wrong. After the machine enters the communication status, upload it successfully. The software will prompt the upload to succeed.

Download the data to the POS machine, first enter the communication state of the POS, then enter the software to select the [Data Transfer] option, and then transfer the data to the POS machine to upload the data stored by the toll collector's POS machine to the software. Method: Enter the POS machine Communication status, then enter the software and select [Upload Data], click Upload Data, after uploading the data successfully, the communication will be completed at the bottom left of the software.

2.3 query function

(1) Check the payables of the toll collector: Click the [Statistical Query] function in the software, and the [Consumption] option, in the pop-up dialog box, in the query conditions, select the [System Number] column and enter each management. The system number of the employee (the number of the toll collector), in the [Time] column, select the time to be searched, and enter the time of the day by default. For example: If today is January 3, 2011, you need to check today's charges. Select 2011-01-03 to 2011-01-03 in the [Time] column, and then click [Search]. The software will display the cash details of the toll collector on January 3, 2011. The [Quantity] of the software will be displayed. The total number of records, [Amount] will show the total cash payable. If you click [Print], you can print out the details of the toll collector's cash charge. Note: The tick in front of the [System ID Number] column should be removed.

(2) Inquire about all cash payables of the toll collectors: In the statistical inquiry, the consumption statistics table can check the amount of all the administrator cards, and enter the consumption statistics table to select the date, the card administrator Card, and hook the box next to it, click on the query, you can see the cash receipts and payments of the entire administrator card.

(3) Check the card issuance on the day: If it is not clear whether the card is issued correctly on the day, you can check the card issuance on the day. Method: After entering the software, click [Statistics Query] inside [Card Status], select [Time], click on the query to find out all the card issuance on the day. Example: If today is January 3, 2011, to find out all the card issuance today, select 2011-01-03 to 2011-01-03 in the [Time] column, in front of the [System ID Number] column. Check it out and click on the query to find out the status of today's card issuance.

(4) View the last time the card is printed to the current time, recharge, and return the card: Select [Cardholder Voucher] in [Statistical Query] to check all card issuance, recharge, and card withdrawal since the last printing. In the [card issuer inquiry], you can find out the obvious situation of all card issuance. Click [Print] to print out all the card issuance conditions.

(5) Click [Business Statistics] in the statistical query to view the revenue of the road segment, POS machine number and road type according to different statistical methods. Report analysis, providing financial statements for financial management, and other types of statistical reports. In fact, the management part can continue to extend beyond the above functions to realize the management requirements for the parking lot.

2.4 report printing function: financial statement, card issuer voucher, toll collector cash receipts and payments

Financial statements can be printed in [Finaner Query Details];

The card issuer voucher can be printed in [Certificate of Card Issuer];

The cash receipts and payments of the toll collectors can be printed in the [Consumption Statistics];

All consumption records can be found in the statistical query.

Third, the handheld function

1. When employees are employed, they must swipe the administrator card to activate the handheld. After the administrator card, normal operation begins.

2, can be divided into sections, road categories, car type charges;

3. The vehicle leaves the card and reads the time data and other data in the card.

4. Automatically calculate the parking time and automatically calculate the amount of parking charge; display the parking time, the arrival time, the amount to be charged, the model, and the license plate number on the LCD screen.

5. When the employee leaves the post, he will swipe the employee card, transfer the total amount of parking charges and the number of charges to the employee card, and the employee will bring the employee card to the management center for checkout. The amount of the employee card and the number of charges can be accumulated.

6, time adjustment, management level can be time proofread through the management card;

7. Identify and judge whether the card is valid and valid;

8, support monthly ticket card, annual card, stored value card charging mode

9, can modify and set the machine parameters through the management card

10. The handheld can be emptied or uploaded to the PC software system through the management card.

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