Heating equipment sampling failure rate exceeds 60%

Heating equipment sampling failure rate exceeds 60%
In January of this year, the Yueqing City Market Supervision Administration carried out a sample inspection on the heating equipment, such as the personal warmth, quartz tube heaters and small solar heaters sold in the Yueqing circulation field. The test results released a few days ago showed that the unqualified rate of these sampling products was as high as 62.5%, and the situation was worrisome.
The Market Supervision Bureau of the Municipality collected a total of 8 samples of 6 brands in accordance with the national mandatory standards for "marks and instructions", "heat", "input power and current", "power connection and external cords" of these products. "11," "grounding measures" and other 11 items were tested. After inspection, 5 of the 8 samples were unqualified and the failure rate was as high as 62.5%. In the non-conforming product, the main problems focused on "flags and instructions", "heating", "heat and flame resistance" did not meet the requirements.
It is reported that for the unqualified heaters detected in this test, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has ordered the units subject to inspection and sales to stop the sales according to the “Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China,” and seized the inventory according to law. The current case is under further processing. .
Heating equipment sampling failure rate exceeds 60%

When consumers purchase indoor heaters, they should ask the seller for the inspection report of the quality inspection department and check the 3C certification. When purchasing, they should try to purchase products that are beautifully packaged, printed clearly, and have complete model specifications, factory names, and factory sites.
In addition, consumers should also use the heater safely. The heater should be placed in a position away from the burning material and difficult to touch, and should not be directly under the power outlet. Do not pour water and other liquids on the heater when using it. Do not block the air inlet and exhaust port of the convection heater. The heater's power plug should be plugged into the socket when it is used. Remember to pull it out when not in use or when going out.

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