How much is the hidden danger of using small kitchen appliances too frequently?

Pressure cookers, rice cookers, juicers, soya-bean milk makers, microwave ovens, induction cookers... These dazzling small appliances enrich the variety of food and greatly reduce people's labor intensity. However, professionals also remind consumers that choosing a small appliance with poor quality or using small appliances will make the kitchen very warm.

Metal oxide semiconductor field effect (MOS) transistors can be divided into N-channel and P-channel. P-channel silicon MOS field-effect transistors have two P+ regions on the N-type silicon substrate, which are called source and The drain is not conductive between the two poles, and when a sufficient positive voltage (gate ground) is applied to the source, the surface of the N-type silicon under the gate exhibits a P-type inversion layer, which becomes a channel connecting the source and the drain. . Changing the gate voltage changes the density of the holes in the channel, thereby changing the resistance of the channel. Such a MOS Field Effect Transistor is called a P-channel enhancement type field effect transistor. If the surface of the N-type silicon substrate is free of gate voltage, the P-type inversion layer channel already exists, and the appropriate bias voltage can increase or decrease the resistance of the channel. Such a MOS field effect transistor is referred to as a P-channel depletion field effect transistor. They are collectively referred to as PMOS transistors.

P Channel Mosfet

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