Indoor LED lighting EMC mode or will repeat the same mistakes

[High-tech LED network reporter Tang Guirong] Since the beginning of this year, the LED indoor lighting market has not been truly released, but the influx of enterprises has caused the whole industry to be filled with smoke. Even the low-cost order-making business model has not made the company rid of the bleak business. Dilemma. At this time, the EMC model has once again become the focus of attention in the industry.

"The owner has zero input, no need to invest in LED lighting, maintenance costs are borne by the enterprise, installment payment, who is not willing to do it?" Wu Jian, Marketing Director of Zhejiang Shangguang Lighting Co., Ltd. told Gao Gong LED reporter. The EMC model reduces risks for the owners and attracts more customers to use LED lighting, which has won some orders for the company. However, the quality of the products is not good at this stage, and the market price competition is fierce. Can the EMC model become the lifeline of the enterprise?

"At present, there are many enterprises that do EMC mode, but how many enterprises can succeed? Investing EMC as a fixed asset will only kill the enterprise. I suggest that enterprises should not do EMC mode and do a good job." Guangdong Lin Zhaojing, executive deputy secretary-general of the provincial EMC Alliance, told the Gaogong LED reporter.

The contract energy management model looks tempting, but it is full of traps. Su Yanyuan, general manager of Xiamen Sunshine Enlighten Lighting Co., Ltd. also expressed similar views when interviewed by Gaogong LED reporter. The EMC model is highly regarded in business. It is actually a kind of hype, which is a business opportunity to take money. tool.

“Energy conservation is related to banks, some are for listing, and some are for improving performance and popularity.” A lighting industry insider revealed the mystery to reporters.

The owner has zero risk of investing in the enterprise
The indoor lighting EMC mode has a strong appeal to the owners. Wu Jian summarizes the attraction into four points: First, the EMC mode of LED indoor lighting is not only the power saving, but also the decline of energy consumption; second, the owner installs or Replacing the new LED light source does not require additional cost to purchase the luminaire. All the luminaires are provided free of charge by the enterprise. Third, in the normal operation process, if the failure occurs, the maintenance costs are all borne by the enterprise, and the owner does not need to pay extra for the maintenance. Fourth, the owner did not increase the pay, but shared the expenses that it should have originally spent and the electricity bill saved after the transformation.

"Zero input, you can also get a share of benefits, users will of course accept such a good model," Wu Jian said. This is also the case, after the hype of LED street lights, EMC mode has set off a wave in the field of indoor lighting.

The Chinese government is very hot on the EMC model, but European and American countries are calm. The current indoor EMC model is basically a big project. Some have to invest millions of yuan, and some even have tens of millions. However, there are no more than 10 indoor LED lighting companies with annual turnover of over 100 million in China. There are not many lighting companies. If an enterprise adopts the EMC model to do these large projects, there will be a large capital risk during the contract period, and this must be borne by the enterprise itself.

According to the reporter's understanding, the current energy saving rate of LED indoor lighting is basically around 60%, and the EMC mode is adopted in the place where the electricity consumption time is up to 16 hours, and the energy saving effect is obvious. In indoor lighting, commercial electricity has a long time, high electricity costs, obvious energy-saving benefits, and relatively easy implementation. The residential category (mainly for the community), the electricity consumption is small, the civilian lighting electricity costs are low, it is more difficult to do, the return time is longer, the risk is greater.

Lin Zhaojing said that the risk of the EMC model is mainly due to high capital costs and long recovery period. Once the quality of the product is not enough, all maintenance and reloading companies have to pay. In addition, the long cycle also affects the normal operation of the company. Wu Jian also holds the same view. He said that too much maintenance will eventually lead the company to fall into danger.

In addition, the difficulty of implementing the EMC model is also reflected in how to obtain customer credit and how to communicate regularly with customers. "At present, the market trust of LED light sources is limited and cannot completely replace traditional lighting. Therefore, the choice of customers is very important. It is necessary to pay attention to customers. We regularly communicate with customers and keep feedback." Wu Jian said frankly.

According to the reporter, due to the high cost of the EMC model of enterprise operation, the price of LED lighting products used is relatively expensive. The normal LED material cost, the gross profit is around 30%, and the net profit is kept at around 10%. According to the contract energy management, the gross profit of the product must be greater than 60%.

The increase in product prices has made owners cautious about LED lighting products, increasing the difficulty of implementing the EMC model. To this end, Wu Jian reluctantly explained, "In the first year, enterprises provide equipment free of charge, but also to return the money in a cycle, the cost caused by natural increase, just like one-time buyout and installment payment, the installment price must be high. ”

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