Introduction to the new IPTV bearer network solution based on CESP

With the rapid development of IPTV services, the construction of IPTV bearer networks is particularly important. It can be said that the bearer network does not have the adjustment with the times. Even the best IPTV system can only be a castle in the air.

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The main contents of IPTV bearer include video on demand (VOD) and live TV channel (TV) programs. In order to ensure that the viewing quality of IPTV is comparable to the current viewing quality of cable television networks, the IPTV bearer network is required to provide guarantees in terms of network bandwidth, network reliability, channel switching delay, and network QoS.

The Fibonacci network is based on the CESP IPTV bearer network solution, which can form various types of ring networks (single-ring, tangent ring) or star-shaped structure for IPTV bearer. The network has 50ms automatic protection switching and network-level QoS guarantee capability for different services. . At the same time, CESP has efficient hardware dynamic multicast function, which can support 512-2000 multicast channels at the same time. The networking of the Ethernet ring is several times higher than the traditional multi-level star structure in the replication efficiency of the IPTV, which greatly saves the bandwidth of the aggregation network.


An Introduction:

The following is a CESP-based IPTV bearer network solution in a certain city of Netcom. Traditional IPTV bearers transmit streaming media data through 2.5G MSTP or RPR Gigabit rings. The problem is: according to the number of existing IPTV users and the number of users planned to develop next year, there are nearly 50 IPTV users in each village. Generally, a township has to govern 30 villages. According to the bandwidth allocation of IPTV 2M per household, a township needs 3G access bandwidth to meet the needs of business development, and the existing Gigabit ring and 2.5G MSTP cannot meet the requirements. With the ever-expanding demand for data services, it is urgent to adopt a new data bearer platform to transform the existing data access networks of counties, townships and villages.

Description of new IPTV bearer network based on CESP

Six nodes around the urban area form a 10G ring network. These six nodes are Tiexi Bureau, Dabu Township, Hehe Township, Zhaojing Township, Jiajia County and Xigong District. These six nodes cover the city. Three different access points in the township and district. Each M8416 in the network provides eight ports of 1000M optical interfaces for Gigabit uplink of DSLAM devices in each jurisdiction.

In addition, a M8012-T device is connected to each other through the GE port under the M8416 device in Hehe Township and Zhaojing Township to provide E1 service access.

Program features:

1. Can support multicast for hundreds of TV channels

CESP supports dynamic creation of multicast entries and efficient forwarding of multicast data. Multicast does not forward to ports with no entries, which greatly saves network bandwidth.

2. Ring networking improves the reliability of service transmission

Through ring networking, CESP can provide Ethernet-based fast automatic protection switching capability within 50ms, providing protection for critical applications such as IPTV. The Ethernet protection switching in CESP uses MSR (Multi-Service Ring) technology derived from the X.87 standard, which is an extension of its Ethernet medium. The technology adopts a completely distributed fault detection and recovery mode, and the increase in the number of nodes on the ring has less influence on the switching time.

3. Ring networking significantly improves multicast replication efficiency

In a traditional star network, a multicast stream needs to be replicated multiple times on a port of a switch by a multi-level tree, and a ring network only needs to be copied once along the ring node. This greatly improves the efficiency of replication and saves bandwidth resources.

4. Support multi-service differentiation and support high priority of IPTV services.

CESP supports end-to-end QoS guarantees to efficiently transport data traffic. Supports scheduling methods such as WFQ and WRR, and supports minimum bandwidth reservation and guarantee for users, providing high performance and low latency data transmission.

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