iPhone5 is exposed to lack of dual LED flash

According to the latest news, the iPhone 5 may not have the front camera LED flash as previously rumored.

The left side of the photo is said to be the iPhone5 camera component, and the right side is the iPhone4 camera component. The two parts are very similar in appearance, and the components of the iPhone 5 don't look like the front LED flash.

It has been reported that the Apple iPhone 5's camera will be upgraded from the current 5 megapixel camera to the 8 megapixel Sony lens.

As Apple continues to improve the quality of its iPhone camera, many people may want to ask how long a point-and-shoot camera can withstand the offensive of a smartphone. In fact, no matter whether the iPhone 5's front camera has a flash or not, as you often say, your best camera is the camera you most often carry.

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