Jingliang Electric took over and completed the Taiwan Yuanshan MRT LED street light replacement project

In May 2010, Taiwan announced that it will complete the replacement of LED traffic signals in Taiwan before the end of 2010. Since 2011, 1.3 million traditional street lamps will be replaced by LEDs. Such large business opportunities have caused LEDs. Manufacturers have rushed into the government's bid. At present, all small towns and towns in the town have a small number of LED demonstration street lights.

Taiwan's LED manufacturer Jingliang Electric, including nearly one-third of the LED traffic market in the whole Taiwan, also grabbed the front street lamp standard of the Yuanshan MRT station.

Jingliang Electric was established in February 2008. It started with the research and development of LED traffic. At present, its LED traffic number has passed Taiwan's CNS, European standard EN12368, US ITE, etc., and has been installed in the United States and European countries. Taiwan and other counties and cities. Its indoor and outdoor lighting and street lights have also obtained more than 5 national certifications and 6 patents within two years, including energy-saving stamp certification, CE certification, CUL certification (CNS+UL), LM79-08, GLOREWIRE, CNS inspection bureau, etc. Regulations.

At present, the bright street lamps have been sold to the United States and the mainland, and indoor lighting has been installed in major hospitals, public institutions and commercial occasions in Taiwan, and has been well received.

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