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I believe that everyone is familiar with the TV box, but what we bring to everyone today is a TV box that is completely different - iQiyi TV Fruit 3. Xiao Bian’s family actually bought a lot of TV boxes, but they all had a problem—no place to place them, and they felt so unsightly. The TV box is much smaller than the old set-top box, but there is no possibility. Smaller? Today's love of Fantasia TV Fruit 3 solves this problem perfectly. iQiyi TV Fruit 3 body size is only one egg size, thickness is only the general thickness of the phone, weight is only 24g, when used in the back of the TV can be hung. Therefore, it is very convenient for home use and travel. The connection method, TV fruit 3 comes with a package of Micro HDMI and USB power cord, the power input uses a DC 5V/1A, if your TV comes with a USB interface, then it can meet the power supply needs. Only use the two interfaces of the TV to complete the entire assembly process. The HDMI cable that comes standard with TV 3 is very reasonable in terms of length design. It also saves space and also avoids the line being too long and causing unnecessary trouble. Power input interface Video signal output interface In terms of ease of use, there are only two interfaces on the TV body, one is the HDMI interface and the other is the power input interface, so it can be used on many devices. After the connection is completed, turning on the TV will start work, and after booting, it will need to work first. TV APP The first link requires WiFi configuration. The scan screen displays the QR code. You can download the TV APP on your mobile phone. After the connection is successful, the network connection is displayed. Since there is no remote control, all the operations are done by the mobile phone. To be honest, I think this is still relatively good. I don't need to go to the remote control, so that every time we find the remote control, I still have to look for half a day. This is also worrying. Mobile APP settings network TV fruit 3 standby screen So no remote control, how to watch TV? The mobile phone APP is used to completely screen the TV. The TV application has built-in shortcut buttons for several video portals. Click to jump to the corresponding APP. Here we take the iQIYI APP as an example. In the APP, we can make adjustments to the volume and definition of the TV. It is very convenient. In fact, TV can not only be effective for video applications. If you want to play games, you can also screen the mobile phone screen. This practicality has been greatly improved. If you are in the company, you need to perform PPT display, TV 3 is also for WPS. A business APP is adapted, and a mobile phone can be directly used for a screen shot. Not only that, TV Fruit 3 supports AirPlay and DLNA in two shooting modes, basically covering most mobile phones. Summary: Today, TV box popular, TV is a clear flow of fruit, practical and cost-effective basically far from the supermarket mainstream TV box, for those who are still entangled in television copyrighted TV, it is better to TV Take a look. advantage: Simple assembly and easy operation Support AC dual-frequency network, high-speed Internet access, fast buffer Support network resources Support DLAN, AirPlay Disadvantages: Bluetooth is supported but Bluetooth audio device cannot be connected Does not support 4K Smart TV/box information can focus on smart TV information network sofa butler (http://), China's influential TV box and smart TV website, providing information, communication, TV boxes, smart TVs, smart TV software, etc. Answering questions.