Kindle Paperwhite3 Unpacking - Commemorating the official start of a reading career

Reasons to purchase

The reason is very simple. I want to study hard! Here is a little unfolding, see friends out of the box can skip this paragraph.

When I was young, I had a problem. I couldn't read books, I couldn't read them, and I learned from my classmates by listening to lectures and making examples to memorize my memories. I didn't care or faced this problem.

It should be until one or two years after working out, every time you want to learn something, this problem is especially noticeable. Especially if you look at the tutorial, you always look at it. You always have to look back and look at it step by step. There is the n-year-old, and you want to say a serious look at the masterpiece “Steel” (how the steel is made ), did not see a few pages to give up, the name simply can not remember, simply can not remember, simply can not remember! Basically, the English translation of a long name, I will misread the order of each word, such as "Paul Cochatkin", I will always see as "Paul Corgina", this problem also applies to numbers and English . There is reading! For example, when there is a piece of text, because you do not have the skills to read quickly, you can only slowly read it, and then slowly translate it into a language. Basically it cannot be read smoothly, unless it is a very ordinary text or deliberately memorize it. Later I learned about a disorder in a drama - "Dyslexia" ... My symptoms are basically right. Friends who are interested can Baidu.

It was precisely because of this problem that I missed too many good works in my youth years (basically do not read books, newspapers, magazines only look at pictures), for me the best way to ingest knowledge is film and television works. ... ... So now make a bitter experience, study seriously, read the words one by one, enter the brain one by one, slowly adapt to slowly accelerate until you overcome this "fault"!

In order to make yourself more motivated to read books, reading costs must be made! The more you spend on the one thing, the more you will be willing to give up. I think everyone will understand. Ordinary paper books, I have tried n times, even if it is a biograph of my idol-Taylor Swift, I did not take it seriously, plus how could I haven't contacted kindle for so long in Aunt Zhang? Grass, compared to mobile phones, tablets, ink screens are less harmful to the eyes! Besides this era, we can't take a paper book and take a bus or a subway, right? (do not hit me)

Purchase process

Since locking the kindle, it is natural to further lock the kpw3, although the appearance is the same with the 558, but 300ppi with the backlight is too practical! However, 958 is too expensive (not in line with my psychological price), so I haven't been willing to start. Later I saw the price of 700+ in my free time. It's just amazing! But the goods are all in demand. I just saw it, and I missed it several times. However, there is no good price in Japan, Asia and Asia (there are no members in Japan and missed the Black Five). Fortunately, I have passed the “hands-on impulse period.” Before, find a buddy who thought he loved reading at leisure value, a knife, the price of 780 bags, unopened Japanese version! Thank you for being here! Basically, there is no good price, mainly idle value or salted fish will be on the previous purchase when the discount is very fierce goods, we want to buy more thoughts on it, it is best to buy unopened.

Kindle Paperwhite E-book reader: 300 ppi ultra-clear electronic ink screen, built-in reading light, long life 958 yuan Amazon China direct link appearance display

Say a lot, the subject comes

Japanese version always feels beautiful in Japanese!

Unopened, can not guarantee goods in the mainland, it is best to ensure the original

Although the packaging is very simple, the design is very simple, but the moment of the box is still a little excited!

Deng Deng Deng!

Immediately after the arrival of a protective sleeve - style, forcing, taste! Don't praise me too much!

The link will not be sent, Taobao's search, "Koi + Kindle" there, please call me Lei Feng

Too beautiful!

experience feelings

The picture is really like paper! Like, what type of e-book can do this! (I didn’t play with other brands, haha)

Don't stick a film, anyway, when I buy a set of film to send, smooth, in the light will be reflective, completely contrary to the original intention of the kindle screen, do not know how the matte film effect, tried friends can tell me Effect, thank you.

In fact, it's okay to work. Before you look at other friends, the gap is big. In fact, practical use does not affect, and it doesn't affect beauty. You don't need to mind that the material around the bottom is soft and feels very comfortable. If you have oil on your hand, it will be quite ugly.

Buy books is very simple, as long as the Amazon account registration, set a key to buy ok friends, there is import txt, pdf what is particularly simple, e-mail will be received directly on the Kindle, anyway, it is difficult to use it! If you are still in trouble, suggest it: go to the bookstore!

Backlight, this is the selling point of kpw3. It's very soft. It's more comfortable to watch at night than to watch a mobile phone. It won't affect other people very much. 32 likes! But for me, this type of obsessive compulsive disorder, what kind of ghost is it that the backlight cannot be completely turned off!

Refresh, I think there is no problem, of course, can not be compared with mobile phones, ink screen defects, anyway, I accepted, and my colleagues used two times and said: This goods response is slow, oh ... If you have iphone7 Fast, he also sells 958 ah? What kind of bike is it!

Advertising, this is an advertising version of me, in fact, you can turn it off, but when you use it, you will find that the advertisement is beautiful!

Life is not measured, but as long as the use of time is not very long, like me, go to work, nap, take a look before going to bed at night, it is estimated that a week or two can not charge.

Color, I personally think it's better to buy white, and the soft material behind it must be resistant to dirt or even yellow.

to sum up

In this impetuous era, it is necessary to calm down and do practical things. Before starting a day's work, after a busy day's work, you may wish to pick up the kindle and immerse yourself in your own ocean.

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